Artemia - Live Food Easily Home-Grown


Many aquarium owners know the small brine shrimps from their childhood. Often these small crustaceans were found in magazines or experiment kits. But only a few people know that they are a high-quality food for your aquarium fish. Only 1 g eggs ( JBL ArtemioPur ) contain150,000 nauplii – these are 1,500 bites for 100 fish.

You can produce the fresh live food at home in only 24-28 hours to feed with it your fish fry and smaller fish species. What do you need for that? Dried Artemia eggs, saltwater and a container. In addition we recommend you use a diaphragm pump with an air stone for the aeration and circulation of the water. For this JBL has developed the JBL ArtemioSet a ready-made solution with intelligent removal equipment. Ready for connection, you can start with the breeding at once.

Here’s how it works:

Either step 1 - 2

1. Dissolve 0.5 litres of water with 10-15 g salt ( JBL ArtemioSal ) and fill it into the brood container (ArtemioSet).

2. Add 1-3 dosing spoons JBL ArtemioPur (1.5-4.5 ml).


1. Add three dosing spoons eggs/salt mix ( JBL ArtemioMix to 0.5 l water and dissolve it. (step 1 + 2 summarised)

3. Start aeration of fermentation starter with diaphragm pump ( JBL PROAIR a50 ).

4. The nauplii hatch after 24 hours (at 25 °C) or after 36-48 hours (at 20 °C) and can be removed. Did you know that the nauplii have got the highest nutritional value after the hatch and that they therefore need to be fed to the fish immediately? So don’t wait too long for that.

5. Before feeding to the fish turn off air supply and wait for 5 minutes. During this period the empty egg shells rise to the surface of the water, whereas the living nauplii have collected at the bottom. In addition you can lure the nauplii to the outlet. Afterwards just open the stopcock and pour the saltwater with the crustaceans through a fine sieve ( JBL Artemio 3 ). The nauplii remain in the fine net without the water. Rinse briefly with tap water and then feed to the fish.

A tip for commercial breeders

If you need larger amounts of Artemia nauplii you can connect the first container with other breeding containers ( JBL Artemio 1 and run the kit with only one diaphragm pump. This way the daily supply with fresh live food is ensured.

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