Pond aeration to combat oxygen deficiency - Avoid O2 problems in the garden pond

If there is a lack of oxygen in the pond, aerating it with an air pump and bubble stone can help. With the JBL PondOxi-Set it’s easy to raise the oxygen content (O2) in the garden pond. Our video shows how easy the pond aeration system is to set up. Oxygen deficiency occurs in the pond in the following situations: Firstly in summer, when water temperatures rise and secondly when a lot of algae appear and die off. Warm summer water is less able to bind oxygen than cold water. Algae causes oxygen deficiecy by a different route. Algae actually produce oxygen during the day. At night, however, when there is no photosynthesis, the situation is reversed and the algae consume oxygen. An oxygen measurement in the morning, when the oxygen content is lowest, shows up the problem. When algae die, a lot of oxygen is consumed in the decomposition process by bacteria. Therefore, aeration of the pond can be very useful!

Additional information about the product, useful FAQs and instructions for use can be found here:  JBL PondOxi-Set .

You’ll find interesting facts about oxygen and the temperature in the pond in the Themeworld Garden Pond: Oxygen and temperature .

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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