Health check

Checking your animals’ health

Anyone who purchases terrarium animals presumably want to look at them every day. If you look out for a couple of few things during the daily check and when feeding, you’ll learn to recognize problems early on and then be able to treat them in good time. The later you react to problems, the lower the chances of recovery.

The following points should be kept in mind:

Checking mouths:

Mouths should be closed and free of foam or slimy films.

Checking eyes:

Moulting should have taken place evenly, check the eyes aren’t too deep in their sockets.

Checking skin:

Check for wounds, boils and other irregularities.

Checking feet:

Check lizards’ toes and feet for unshed skin which can cause constrictions.

Checking a turtle or tortoise’s shell:

Only very young turtles or tortoises should have soft shells.

Checking an animals’ nutritional condition:

The skin should not have too many folds and the ribs or vertebrae should not be too prominent.

Checking a spider:

It should have all 8 legs. Whitish, fungus-like areas on the body are suspicious, whereas a “bald patch” on the abdomen presents no problem.

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