Air pump for freshwater and saltwater aquariums from 200 to 600 l

  • Health and well-being for fish and plants: air pump for fresh and saltwater aquariums from 200 up to 600 l
  • Easy to install: connect pump with air hose and air stone. Mount pump outside aquarium, place air stone inside the aquarium
  • Reduced noise level: noise suppression air chamber, vibration dampening silicone feet, reinforced housing wall, adjustable air outlet, 90° rotatable air connection with hose screw connection
  • TÜV tested, powerful: 400 l/h air output with > 160 mbar air pressure with only 5.5 W consumption, check valve prevents backflow of water into the pump
  • Package contents: air pump for fresh and saltwater aquariums from 200 up to 600 l, Pro Silent a400, incl. 2 m air hose, check valve, air stone
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Price: 58,85 €
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Product information

Healthy fish
An air pump for aquariums is an advantage during the night since plants need light to produce oxygen. In thinly planted aquariums the air pump supplies the necessary water circulation.
In aquariums with dense planting the air pump provides the aquarium with oxygen at night, since the number of plants means the oxygen concentration can drop to a dangerous level. When disease is present in the aquarium the air pump increases the oxygen level in the water, an essential condition for many medications.

Simple to connect
Connect hose with air pump. Cut air hose and insert check valve. Cut the remaining hose to the desired length. Connect one end with check valve and other end with air stone. If possible mount the pump on the wall next to the aquarium. Hook for hanging up attached. Regulate air quantity at air outlet.

Safe and powerful
The JBL ProSilent air pump is TÜV tested. With 400 l/h air output and only 5.5 W power consumption it is powerful and ensures safety through an air connection with hose screw connection. A noise suppression air chamber, the reinforced housing wall and vibration dampening silicone feet reduce any noise. The device is equipped with a check valve.

Important: because the noise level cannot be totally eliminated, the pump is not suitable for use in bedrooms.



Art. no.:
EAN Code:
400 l/h
5,5 W
Volume packaging:
2.6 l
Gross weight:
720 g
Net weight:
620 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
90/185/160 mm


Animal species: Arowana, Artemia, Axolotl, Barbels, Bettas, Bichirs/reedfish, Blowfish, Catfish, Cichlids (South America), Corals, Crayfish, Danions, Discus, Dwarf shrimps, Flowerhorn, Gobies, Goldfish, Gouramis, Guppy, Juvenile fish, Killifish, Livebearers, Loaches, Mussels, Newts, Panchaxes, Rainbowfish, Snails, Spiny eels, Terrapins, Tetra, Tropical terrapin, Veiltails, Water turtles, freshwater butterflyfish
Animal size: For all animal sizes
Animal age group: All aquarium fish
Volume habitat: 200 - 600 L (100 - 200 cm)
Material: metal (copper) / rubber / plastic (ABS)
Colour: grey / black / transparent

Electronic label / illuminant

Mercury: No
Dimmable: No

Technical Data

Why is my air pump making loud buzzing noises?

Even under the best conditions, the working noises will be audible in quiet rooms. Every air pump produces vibration and buzzing noises that are more or less clearly audible. The JBL PROSILENT diaphragm pumps have rubber feet to reduce the transmission of vibrations to the floor. The air pump can "wander" on smooth surfaces and should be secured with a soft, non-slip underlay. Hanging it on the wall results in a complete decoupling.

Please note that the volume can be very loud when the hoses are not connected, similar to a modified exhaust on a car. The "silencer" is missing. It is only when back pressure is present that it is substantially minimised. A flow reduction at one of the air volume regulators reduces the noise level considerably.

Therefore, never operate the JBL PROSILENT model(s) with two air connections with only one air connection in "idle mode", i.e. without a connected hose with an air outlet stone or similar! This would lead to premature diaphragm wear and increased noise level.

How can I remove the hose from the device?

At first the air hoses and special CO2 hoses can easily be pushed on the connection piece. The hoses harden more and more as the months go on and can only be removed from the connection piece using great force. If you pull the hose hard it will only strain the connection, which could, in the worst case, even break off. Instead cut the hoses you want to remove laterally at the ends and carefully remove them. For this it’s always advisable to install hoses with some reserve in its hose length.

Does the use of bubble stones and a strong current expel the important plant nutrient, CO2, from the water?

During aeration and/or when there is a strong current, a gas equilibrium is achieved between the ambient air and the water. As a result a corresponding but very low CO2 content occurs too. BUT this low CO2 content is far too low to for most aquarium plants to thrive. The aquarium owner is therefore dependent on an additional CO2 supply by a CO2 fertiliser system. The higher CO2 content this achieves is reduced or, as commonly referred to in aquatics, expelled by the aeration and strong current. Therefore well planted aquariums should only be slightly aerated at night, if required.

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Lack of oxygen in the morning

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Replacing A Diaphragm On A JBL ProSilent Air Pump

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Outline: Fertilisation in the Aquarium

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Now even more safety with the free JBL GarantiePlus

Buyers of JBL technical products can rest even more on the safe side now because JBL is offering them a guarantee claim for two additional years free of charge. Just register your product online within the 2-year manufacturer guarantee period.

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New Feet for JBL Air Pumps

The JBL research department has found out how to make almost noiseless air pumps even more silent:

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Laboratories and calculators

Water Analysis Online Laboratory

Enter your water parameters and get an in-depth analysis of your values in a matter of seconds. You enter your water values – and we analyse! Here you have the opportunity to enter the measured water values directly into the JBL Online Laboratory. This will analyse your values and explain and submit corrective measures.
Reference guide (Themeworld)


With the guarantee extension JBL GarantiePlus you secure your extra-long extended 4-year guarantee from the date of purchase for your JBL product. Do not miss out on your extended guarantee claim!

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safety instructions

  • safety instruction for technical devices
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spare parts
Customer reviews


Overall rating: 5.0
12 public review(s) for this product.

1 Review


If you operate an air pump, you're probably familiar with the problem of it being too loud

This issue was really getting on my nerves, especially because my large tank is located in the living room. I constantly had to deal with that annoying humming sound in the background. The new jbl PRO Silent 400 was the solution.—no humming, murmuring, or anything of the sort. This is a wise investment in my opinion , I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable air pump.

11 more reviews in other languages

11 Reviews in other languages

elacuariodelnorte - Spanish

BRUTAL. El producto te ofrece lo que se detalla en el, suelta muchisimo aire, muy buena potencia. Pensando en comprar otra porque no suena nada de nada y tiene una potencia enorme. De lo mejor del mercado mas que nada porque no suena nada ni vibra

LadyDiscus - Polish

LadyDiscus - Polish

cichy i wydajny , i o to chodzi;) polecam

S. Klöcker - German

Die beste Pumpe die ich bis jetzt getestet habe. Super leise und gute Leistung.

bennys riff welt - German

Ich kann nur gutes zu JBL PROSILENT a400 sagen ich hatte ihn Jahre Lange bei meine Piranhas im Einsatz. Und jetzt kommt der wieder zum Einsatz für meine Plankton Zucht

Malawi-Cichliden-Portal - German

Jeder der eine Membranpumpe betreibt kennt das Problem, entweder zu laut, oder oder oder.

Da mich diese Sache ziemlich genervt hat, da mein großes Becken im Wohnzimmer steht, und ich ständig dieses brummen im Hintergrund hatte, habe ich mich aufgemacht, und mich umgeschaut. Ich habe dann die Neue @jbl.de PRO Silent a 400 Membranpumpe an meine zwei Luftheber angeschlossen und hab sämtliche Lärmquellen wie Fernseh und andere Störgeräusche ausgeschaltet, und was musste ich hören nichts, da war wirklich kein brumen, säusseln oder der gleichen nichts, eine gute Investition wie ich finde. Die @jbl PRO Silent ist in 4 Größen erhältlich und kann ich jedem nur Empfehlen der auf der suche nach einer guten Membranpumpe ist.


Malawi-Cichliden-Portal - German

Ich war schon lang auf der suche nach einer sehr leisen Luftpumpe was nicht grade Einfach war. Mit der JBL PROSILENT a400 habe ich genau die richrige Erwischt, sie ist sehr leise und kann mit mehrere Becken betrieben werden. Da sie Gummifüße besitzt vibriert sie nicht, was soll ich sagen, einfach Top.


samija_aquaristik - German

Ich habe inzwischen mehrere Luftpumpen von JBL laufen und bin mit allen zufrieden. Genug Power, um auch mehrere Becken damit zu versorgen!

Unterwasserwelt_Bautzen - German

Wahnsinns Gerät. SEHR empfehlenswert, da sie sehr leise ist und sehr viel Power hat. Top geeignet für Große Becken, aber man kann auch viele kleinere Becken damit betreiben. Passendes Zubehör ist enthalten und auch optional viel an Zubehör erhältlich. Kann ich bestens empfehlen.

aquarium.meer91 - German

Super Luftpumpe !!!

Sie ist leistungsstark und sehr leise,

durch die Gummifüße vibriert sie nicht.

Es lässt sich sehr gut die Luftzufuhr an den Hebeln einstellen.

Alles im allen eine super Pumpe 👍

M. Geisler - Polish

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