JBL CRISTALPROFI e402 greenline
External filter for aquariums from 40-120 litres

  • External filter for clean and healthy aquarium water: closed water circulation system for aquariums of 40-120 litres (40-80 cm)
  • Fully equipped and ready to connect: built-in quick-start priming button, filter start without manual priming. Simple assembly
  • Extremely smooth running at 450l/h pump performance, patented new pre-filter system. 100% more surface than in model 401. High biological filter performance with 4.6l volume, 360° rotating hose connections, easily exchangeable filter media
  • TÜV tested, safe and energy-efficient: tremendous energy savings. Guarantee: 2 years ((+2 years upon registration of the product)
  • Package contents: external filter unit for aquariums, incl. hoses & pipes 12/16 mm, intake strainer, elbow, suction cups, filter media (bio-filter balls and bio-filter foam), dimensions (L/H/W): 18 x 20 x 29.5 cm
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Product information

Clean and healthy water
Plant and food remains and metabolic substances lead to a deterioration of the quality of the water in the aquarium. Good water quality is necessary for healthy fish and plants. This can be achieved with aquarium filters. The filters suck in the aquarium water and remove the pollution and waste materials from the water. Filters also offer an ideal habitat for bacteria which decompose harmful substances.

Easy to install
The external filter is completely equipped and ready to connect. The built-in quick-start device makes the filter easy to install without the need for manual priming. The filter media are included in the contents.

Easy to clean
Replacing the easy to reach pre-filter means that you only rarely need to clean the rest of the filter. The large filter volume provides a high biological filtering performance involving several filter layers. The bio-filter balls inside have different diameters. This promotes the self-cleaning effect.

Energy efficient and safe
With only 4 W power consumption the CristalProfi e 402 offers substantial energy savings. At an effective, sustained water circulation the device consumes 31 % less power than comparable previous models. The patented hose connection bloc with a safety valve prevents water leakage when disconnecting the filter. JBL CristalProfi is TÜV tested.

New compared to the model JBL CristalProfi e 401 is the completely new and efficiently designed upper filter basket: It contains now a double as large one-piece filter mat as pre-filter instead of 2 small externally arranged pre-filter mats in the filter basket. This way the pre-filters don’t clogg as easily, even if there is a considerable amount of dirt, and the pre-filters don’t need to be cleaned as often.


JBL CRISTALPROFI e402 greenline

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
450 l/h
4 W
Volume packaging:
21.5 l
Gross weight:
4775 g
Net weight:
4088 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
240/315/285 mm


Animal species: Terrapins, Tropical Terrapins, Turtles, Tetras, Barbels, Danionins, Livebearers, Cichlids - Small “Predators”, Cichlids - Algae Eaters, Cichlids - Large “Predators”, Labyrinth Fish, Goldfish, Veiltails, Catfish, Loaches, Blowfish, Spiny eels & Reedfish, Butterflyfish & Panchaxes, Killifish & Rainbowfish, Juvenile Fish, Silver arowana, Axolotl, Shrimps and dwarf crayfish, Discus fish, Marine fish, Corals, Crustaceans, Guppy, fighting fish, Flowerhorn cichlids, shrimps, cichlids: angelfish, discus, snails, molluscs, Axolotl (cool waters), newts (cool waters)
Animal size: For all animal sizes
Animal age group: All aquarium fish
Volume habitat: 40-120 L (40-80cm)
Material: plastic (material mix: ABS, SAN, POM) / metal (copper)
Colour: silver / black

Electronic label / illuminant

Mercury: No
Dimmable: No

Technical Data

capacity in litres:120 l
capacity from - to:40 -120 l
capacity tank length:80 cm
power output in Watt:4 W
output per hour:450l/h
Height:284 mm
Length:180 mm
Width:210 mm
voltage:230 V
filter canister volume:4.6 l
volume filter materials:2.3 l
hose connections Discharge/Out:12/16mm
hose connections Suction/In:12/16mm
pumping head:1.2
Wear on the impeller - When should I replace it?

There is no general answer to this question. As with a car tyre, the duration and intensity of use is decisive. Many customers use the impellers for several years without any noticeable change. Heavy use of the impeller results in a shorter service life. With a car, you know the wear and tear caused by heavy braking, mechanical damage and many kilometres driven.

The following factors apply to an impeller:

1. Running time in hours
2. Throttling of the flow rate (max. 50 %) and thus lower cooling capacity
3. Dry running during water change (see 2.)
4. Mechanical damage (e.g. by snails, improper installation after removal, ...)
5. Heavy soiling

As it is a wearing part, the impeller is not covered by the warranty. For a long service life, you need to clean it regularly. This will prevent increased running noises. The impeller housing, the impeller and the shaft can be cleaned with a suitable cleaning brush.

If it is necessary to replace the impeller due to wear, always replace the complete set, impeller with shaft and 2 rubber bearings. This is the only way to ensure proper functioning and smooth running. When removing the impeller and shaft, a rubber bearing often gets stuck at the bottom of the impeller housing and is very difficult to remove. JBL has developed its own special tool for this purpose, which is available from pet shops under the name "Pulling aid for impeller bearing". A useful cleaning brush for the impeller housing is also included in the tool.

The filter / pump hums during operation

It’s to investigate the cause of this. With pumps and filters positioned inside, you do not need to do anything other than hold the unit freely in the water, keeping it out of contact from any other objects. It is important that the unit remains completely under water and is only touching your hand. If the running noise is now quiet, there is no sign of wear on the rotor, it is just resonance transmission to surrounding elements such as the cover, the base cabinet or anything adjacent to the aquarium. You can then decouple this by making small adjustments.

For external filters, make sure that the filter has 4 rubber feet at the bottom (except for the model CPe1901/2 with castors) and that it is only touching the cabinet there. To test the filter, place it next to or in front of the aquarium on a soft surface (e.g. a thick towel) and make sure that the hoses are not in contact with the cabinet. Many aquarium cabinets act like the sound box of a guitar with its sound hole. The smallest noise is amplified by the hollow body. Therefore, a soft underlay and, if necessary, lateral insulation are advantageous if the resonance is to be amplified. Tubes lying on top or in a very rigid installation with further attachments lead to the same effect. The test with the filter outside the cabinet, as described above, provides information about the actual operating noise.

Strong running noises are caused by a worn impeller, a too strong load on the impeller due to a power reduction (dirt or throttling) and by a too small height difference between the water surface and the filter head, as described in the manual. Another possibility is that CO2 sucked in from the fertiliser system or air from the diaphragm pump, which are introduced near the filter, cause loud running noises.

Can the filter be placed next to the aquarium?

No, as a rule this is not possible. Otherwise air will be sucked in and the water will come to a standstill. The filter will not work properly. If it is installed next to the aquarium, there should be a distance of at least 20 cm between the water surface and the top edge of the filter. When placing the filter in the aquarium cabinet, the difference in height between the water surface and the filter bottom must not exceed 180 cm (max. 120 cm for e402).

Why do the locking clips have a structured texture?

A further enhancement of the locking clips has ensured even more stability. The locking clips of the CristalProfi external filters are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic to ensure higher stability. This is easily discernible by its slightly fibrous texture.

My filter has become loud after a few months. What’s the reason for that?

The impeller of the filter is subject to constant wear and tear. We recommend you replace it. This way its smooth running is ensured. Make sure that the noises are not caused by trapped air.

The guarantee covers defects in material and assembly. The guarantee does not cover parts subject to wear and tear, such as the impellers or shafts as well as damage caused by external influences and improper handling.

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  • JBL CristalProfi e402 greenlineGebrauchsanleitung-Manual

Additional product information and downloads

safety instructions

  • safety instruction for technical devices
    • Filename:
spare parts
Customer reviews


Overall rating: 4.9
13 public review(s) for this product.

2 Reviews

J. Rømer

After a long time with another brand that I was a big fan of, I chose to try something else and after some time looking, the choice fell on a JBL it seemed like the best product on power and flow and filter capacity. Filter has replaced an internal filter so has got more capacity and it is clearly visible on the aquarium (110L) Am happy with my e402 it is silent run ok long between cleanings. I live that my bio material in the upper tray gets dirty but do not quite know how it happens, but try a little different setup of the filter to see if it helps. i think it has something to do with when the pre-filter gets filled


This was my first model from JBL 2 years ago and now I am absolutely sure, that I made the best decision! This model 402 is small, handy, silent..I have 3 models at home from JBL 402, 702 and 902 and no other words are needed here :) For me, the most important think is if that this filter is silent and work properly, because I have a small flat and my bedroom is very close to the room where all my tanks are located.

Thank you

11 more reviews in other languages

11 Reviews in other languages

Aquawelten - German

Dank JBL habe ich diesen Filter gefunden. Die Installation war kinderleicht und der Filter ist schon bereit zum starten Dank vorinstallierten Filter Material.

Super leise und leicht zu reinigen :-)

Damit macht Aquaristik Spaß

aquascaping.tv - German

Ten filtr mam w moim akwarium 54l.Zastanawiałem się nad filtrem wewnętrznym, ale stwierdziłem ze szkoda mi miejsca w i tak małym już akwarium. Regulacja siły wylotu filtra sprawia ze nawet w tak małym akwarium się dobrze sprawdza. Mega cicha praca.

blackforest_jungle - German

Absoluter Spitzenfilter !

Ich war auf der Suche nach einem kleinen und leisen Außenfilter für mein 36 Liter Becken. Nach kurzer Recherche bin ich dann auf den e402 gestoßen.

Für mich war es wichtig eine gute und leistungsstarke Filterung zu haben aber gleichzeitig muss er leise sein, da das Aquarium im Wohnzimmer steht.

Jetzt nach einem Jahr Gebrauch kann ich den Filter sehr empfehlen. Er ist sehr leise, Wartungsarm und muss selten gereinigt werden. Zumindest bei meiner Beckengröße.

Die Filtermedien die original dabei sind haben ich gelassen, da diese sehr gut gewählt wurden.

Aqua4Scape - German

Er läuft genauso schön, wie er aussieht. Ich höre ihn aus 2 Metern Entfernung nicht, obwohl er in einem offenen Regal unter dem Becken läuft. Extrem einfache Wartung durch das Kupplungssystem. Ohne kleckern und tropfen. Obwohl er sehr wenig Strom verbraucht, zieht er ordentlich Wasser durch und filtert das Becken glasklar.

Der_Egger - German

Nachdem ich mit dem CP E702 in meinem großen Aquarium schon mehr als zufrieden bin, war es die logische Konsequenz, dass in meinem kleinen Aquarium der kleine Bruder einzieht.

Auch der E402 leistet einen hervorragenden Job. Extreme Laufleistung und dabei so gut wie nicht zu hören. Der Filter ist kompakt gebaut und passt in nahezu jeden kleinen Unterschrank rein.

Auch hier kann ich nur sagen, dass absolut von den Schnelltrennkupplungen begeistert bin. Wenn die Reinigung ansteht, lassen sich die Schläuche Sauerei entfernen. So muss das sein!!

exotic_hive - German

Ein klasse kleiner Außenfilter! Leise, Platzsparend aber dennoch von den Filtermedien her sehr umfangreich und wirklich Kostengünstig

aquasebi - German

Für mich ist die ganze Reihe der Cristal Profi einfach spitze.

Man hört die Filter kaum sind super leicht zu reinigen und habe eine super gute Filterung.

malawireef - French

Tolles Produkt, ich gebe 5 Sterne. Die Qualität stimmt mit dem Preis überein. Der Filter ist sehr Leise.

Ein Tipp, für ein 60 Liter Becken Empfehle ich euch den 702. Besser eine Nummer Größer dann müsst ihr den Filter nicht so oft reinigen und das Wasser bleibt länger sauber.

cedric_scape - French

Très content de ce filtre,

il est silencieux, très bon volume pour les masses de filtrations, facile à nettoyer

j'aurais cependant préféré des tuyaux transparents

R. BRUOT - French

Très bon filtre, je m'en sers sur un aquarium cube de 60L c'est parfait !

Il est silencieux et le débit convient parfaitement pour rendre l'eau limpide. Jbl, une marque de confiance !

Lehrkraft - German

Ein super Filter für jedes Nano-Becken. Ich habe von den e402 Filtern zwei Stück in Betrieb, ein dritter wartet zur Zeit im Keller auf seinen nächsten Einsatz. Ich lege großen Wert darauf, eine gute Filterung zu haben, zeitgleich aber keinen Platz im Becken durch einen Innenfilter zu verschwenden. Daher fällt meine Wahl bei Becken bis ca. 40 Liter auf diesen Filter. Er macht eine gute Strömung, ist kompakt gebaut und unhörbar. Ich kann neben diesem Filter sparen. Mehr Strom als ein Innenfilter verbraucht er auch nicht, ist aber natürlich deutlich besser und individueller mit Filtermaterial zu bestücken.

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