The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation

A lot of aquarists are talking about liquid CO2, which is said to be able to replace a conventional pressurized gas system or a bio-CO2 system. Those kind of products are said to be easy to dose and the “liquid CO” easy for the plants to absorb. Users have reported very different results. There have been reports of enhanced plant growth and also of negative effects on the algae. This blog series deals with the most important facts and background information in order to provide you with a realistic basis for your decision whether to adopt it in your aquarium.


Carbon dioxide is the nutritional basis for aquatic plants and it is supplemented through micro and macronutrients and light. The balance between all three elements is necessary for thriving plant growth in the aquarium. You will find further details in the blog: Why is carbon dioxide (CO2) the most important plant nutrient in the aquarium?

Explained step by step

The subject is diverse and can be viewed from varying perspectives. That’s why we have prepared a clear explanation for you which takes the products, the modes of action and the costs and benefits into account. To simplify matters we have categorised the subjects and summarised them briefly in a few main topics.

Part 1: The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The Substance

Part 2: The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The Effect

Part 3: The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The CO2 Content

Part 4: The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The Reliability

We hope that you enjoy reading this and that the background information will promote the success of your plant care and increase your knowledge of how to best keep an aquarium.

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