Testing water and regular monitoring

People often ask me what I think about water testing when I am out on my rounds, because most of my contacts respect my opinion.

Water testing is important and regular monitoring is essential. I personally set great stock by drop tests and a photometer. Our JBL PROAQUATEST LAB are unbeatable for that! Very well explained, very comprehensive and most importantly of all, very precise. Now you are all waiting for a BUT... And yes, there is a BUT! Do we always need such an extensive test? The fact is that everyone needs to check their parameters once a week, no matter if it’s for the aquarium or the pond!

And the perfect product for that has been launched: JBL PROSCAN ideal for the customer purchasing fish, adding fish and/or acclimatising fish from wholesalers or even for the weekly keeping of records in general. Using a smartphone and the free app you have the most important six values at a glance. And for these purposes all you need are the four main parameters: KH, pH, nitrite and nitrate! Should you notice deviations you can use a drop test afterwards to monitor more parameters and for a specific follow-up check. THE benefit of using JBL PROSCAN ProScan is, that right after the indication of the values recommendations for help are also shown – after 60 seconds the results are available. Along with the explanations, products are listed which will remedy the problem quickly. Of course the measured values need to be saved (you will find more information in this blog post: ProScan – my analysed results to compare the water values ) so that you can view how the values have changed in the history any time you need to!

You will find a general introduction to ProScan and tips for its correct use here: Digital water test with your smartphone – tips for the perfect measuring

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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