Microscope: Diagnosing Diseases Correctly

Microscopy is even more important for diagnosing diseases than it is for algae diagnosis. We first have to distinguish between parasites, bacterial infections, fungal infections, poisoning and water problems.

The best-known parasite is probably the ichthyo, followed by the so-called carb louse. Skin flukes, gill flukes and tapeworms also belong to the most common parasites. Most ulcers are triggered by bacterial infections, viruses, natural carp pox and KHV. The most common types of poisoning are metal and nitrite poisoning, but oxygen deficiency in the water can also have dire consequences for the fish.

In order to select the correct preparation, a smear is essential for a precise diagnosis. In these cases as with many other symptoms it’s best to go to a specialist shop or a veterinary surgeon with a microscope. Often very quick action is needed. Information about the fish stock, pond equipment, filling method, location and, of course, the current water values are also important. Here we recommend our JBL PROSCAN . With its precision in evaluating the values you have measured, we highly advise you to use it when you have problems with algae, water and diseases.

For a fast initial diagnosis our JBL Online Hospital can help you to narrow down the possible causes with more than 500 pictures: Hospital online .

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Ronny Thorhauer
Ronny Thorhauer
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