Shinkokai Koi Show in Japan Part 1

This year we are back at the Shinkokai Koi Show in Japan once more. Didier and I have a booth there to exhibit our PROPOND® / NEO Index® and products for water analysis and disease treatment. On the first day we set up all the tanks and stands and the next day the koi were added.

Over 3000 koi had to be evaluated by the Shinkokai (Japanese association of professional koi breeders) judges. JBL is the only European manufacturer accepted as an exhibitor by the Shinkokai.

Koi and carps together in a lake near Tokyo? In Germany the nature conservationists would be up in arms! But wasn’t it there the koi originated?

The Japanese people’s discipline in the crowded rush hour is absolutely fascinating. Even in the crowd you see nothing but courtesy and respect – impressive!

We will keep you informed about our impressions in the myJBL blog during the following days.

© 02.02.2018
Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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