Clynol: Crushed Rock for Aquarium Problems

Zeolite is a fascinating material. It consists of aluminosilicates which, like lignite, are found naturally in 60 variations. They have incredible properties and can, among other things, even detoxify the human body!

We use these detoxifying and pollutant binding properties in aquatics by grinding it to a very fine powder and dissolving it in water. And this is precisely our product JBL Clynol : a liquid water cleaner with numerous beneficial properties. Because of its weight the mineral dust settles at the bottom of the bottle and needs to be well shaken before use. As soon as it enters the aquarium, regardless of whether in freshwater or marine water, it unfolds its scientifically proven efficacy. It cleans and clarifies the aquarium water, removes discolourations and cloudiness, binds heavy metals, ammonium, proteins and odours and promotes the well-being of the aquarium dwellers.

This sounds a bit like a miracle cure – but somehow that’s what is it! Try it out for yourself.

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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