JBL Expedition 2015 – Day 14: Boxing Kangaroos and Water Snakes

We had spread out our swags (as sleeping bags are called here) in the open air for the night and we woke to a marvellous sunrise. Matthias had left a mango beside his sleeping bag and the wallabies stole it during the night. These small kangaroos were everywhere and didn’t let us humans bother them. Heiko managed to take pictures of two of them having a boxing match.

We saw some more termite hills. The hills of the “Magnetic Termite” are as flat as a book and differ from the other termite mounds, which are more like a cathedral. Other structures reminded us of the male genitals, so we all immediately took photos, of course ...

During a stop in the middle of nowhere we noticed some small lizards and lorises in the trees. The Kakadu National Park had a lot of species to offer. And so the transit ride to Gunlom Waterfall Creek went by in a flash.

On our arrival at the Gunlom Waterfalls, a water hole, we went looking for water snakes with our guide Leigh. We found one in the water 8.5 m deep hiding beneath the leaves. These snakes are not at all aggressive and it was interesting to observe how they had adapted their bodies to life under water. We also found a few fish species, as you can see in the photo gallery.

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Matthias Wiesensee
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