The first collecting station for crustaceans makes its debut

The first collecting station for crustaceans makes its debut Following the example of collecting stations for fish, there are now 4 collecting stations for crustaceans in Germany and Austria supported by JBL.

Anyone who is unable to find a home for surplus crustaceans and shrimp among their friends or in a pet shop, can entrust them to expert hands here. Besides representing a good deed, this is also urgently necessary in terms of ecology!

In contrast to many tropical ornamental fish, numerous crustaceans multiply readily in our local waters. This is already causing a distortion of the fauna with massive problems a result.

Many aquarium owners still believe they are doing their crustaceans a favour when they set them free in local water bodies. Most of them are fully unaware of the disastrous consequences of their action. The rabbit plague in Australia is a well-known example of the terrible consequences of an intentional introduction of animals. The consequences of an intentional introduction of fauna into water, though, are almost impossible to reverse.

That is why the collecting station for crustaceans is a cause definitely worth promoting. JBL is doing this with special products for invertebrates and technical equipment and know-how. The main station in Wolfenbüttel was founded by Sebastian Neise. There are already subsidiary stations in Cuxhaven, Linz and Graz.


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