An algae magnet has never been more effective

At first glance, the floating magnet tends to appear unspectacular. It only has one blade for removing stubborn algae which is attached on the side.

Whoever has worked with previous algae magnets and knows how long circular movements need to be executed until the algae are completetly removed from the glass will NEVER again want to work without the new JBL Floaty Blade. In saltwater aquariums even adamant calcareous algae can be easily removed in merely one step. Similarly, any other type of algae which can be found in freshwater aquariums can be easily removed in just one swipe.

This extraordinary effectiveness is incidentally not a result of an especially sharp knife but of the high surface pressure of the stark magnet. The blade is even dull so that there is no danger of being injured and can be purchased separately as a spare part. An alage magnet has never been more effective! JBL offers the Floaty Blade in two different types of blade thickness:

JBL Floaty Blade L for a blade thickness of up to 15 mm, JBL Floaty Blade XL for a blade thickness of up to 25 mm.

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