The new medication assortment is the best that JBL has had

New findings in ichthyology (the study of fish) were the grounds to fundamentally revise the assortment of the JBL over-the-counter medication. The result is that both experts and "normal" aquarium enthusiasts are elated: the new JBL assortment of medication can treat most conventional fish diseases aquarium fish suffer from, with only very few exceptions such as for instance fish tuberculosis or abdominal dropsy (the latter is a systemic disease).

New litre figures on behalf of the JBL medication, such as for instance JBL Punktol Plus 125 y JBL Punktol Plus 250 immediately show that the size of the package is sufficient for a complete application cycle with the required repetitions for aquariums of up to 125 or 250 litres. In addition, the range for ONE treatment with for instance 1000 or 2000 liters is indicated. What is decisive however is the lesser range for the complete treatment where in the instance for example of a great number of ectoparasites one has to repeatedly dose due to their lifecycles!

Completely new is JBL Fungol Plus 250 as a two-component medication for treating fungal infections in fresh water aquariums. Component 1 is tried and tested in the treatment of primary infections (with the second new active ingredient), component 2 serves as a post-treatment for bacterial infections of skin lesions which often occur.

Overall JBL offers ten different over-the-counter medications for the German market ( JBL Furanol Plus 250 only for export). Copper is only JBL Oodinol plus 250 contained because oodinium germs are part of the dinoflagellates which can only be successfully treated with copper.

For information about risks and side-effects please read the pack insert and ask your veterinary surgeon or pharmacist.

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