The JBL Professional Test Kit for Koi Specialists

JBL enters the market with a brand-new JBL Testlab for Koi, perfect for the start of the upcoming pond season. Ten highly precise water tests enable koi enthusiasts to conduct quick and exact water analyses. JBL Testlab Koi in den Handel, passend zum Start in die kommende Teichsaison. 10 hochpräzise Wassertests ermöglichen dem Koi-Freund eine schnelle und exakte Analyse des Wassers.

Since koi ponds tend to have no vegetation and contain many fish that are fed regularly, the increased levels of phosphate consequently cause a problematic increase in algae of up to 10 mg/l. The completely new JBL phosphate test for koi fish shows values between 0.1 and 10.0 mg/l so that initial counteractive measures can be taken. Only once the phosphate value is reduced to values under 2.0 mg/l by a phosphate remover such as JBL PhosEX Pond is it possible to change to the JBL Phosphate Test Sensitive which also registers lower values between 1.8 and 0.02 mg/l. Both tests are contained in the JBL Testlab for koi.

Due to the high pH values in koi ponds, an ammonium/ammoniac test is included in addition to the adequate pH test. When the pH values are high, an increasing proportion of the nontoxic ammonium turns into acutely poisonous ammoniac. The following nitrogen break-down stages of nitrite and nitrage can also be precisely determined with tests.

Tests for determining carbonate and total hardness continue to be part of the kit. Especially koi enthusiasts regularly test the total hardness since a low mineral content in the water can lead to hole-in-the-head-disease-like phenomena. With algae problems the contained oxygen test can indicate whether the oxygen depletion, which appears at night due to algae, can be hazardous to the fish and aeration will become necessary.

All contained JBL water tests are insusceptible to water temperature and provide a correct reading between 4 and 35°C.

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