Multi-talented leaves

For several years now, JBL has had Indian almond leaves (Catappa) in its program which are advertised as “water conditioners for Nano aquariums“. The ingredients of the dried leaves include flavonoids/tannins, saponins/triterpinoides. They have a generally antioxidant, astringent and anti-flammatory effect. As a result, they can be beneficial for fish (and shrimp as well) e.g. promote faster healing of bite wounds and injuries to the mucous membrane. Beneficial effects have also been observed in fungal infections of spawn.

Breeders of fighting fish and discus fish in Southeast Asia more or less discovered these beneficial properties in fish by chance when they noticed them in the offspring they had successfully bred. Today, most aquarists know about the positive effects of the leaves of the Indian almond tree.

They are exceedingly easy to use. All you need to do is place one or more leaves on the surface of the water where they will sink to the bottom in 1-2 days while slowly releasing the active ingredients into the water. JBL Catappa leaves do not need to be rinsed or soaked before use. The leaves are from regions where no industrial air pollution has been identified and are picked and sorted by hand. This permits JBL to guarantee maximum quality of the Indian almond leaves.

Not only that, this kind of harvest also provides numerous families in the country of origin with a steady income. A small, but significant contribution to development aide.

About the product: JBL Nano-Catappa

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