JBL goes Mini

Mini is in fashion, and not only with cars and skirts! JBL’s new Mini CO2 system fits into any jacket pocket. Not that you need one in your pocket – unless you use it as a personal fire extinguisher!But plants in aquariums with volumes between 10 and 200 litres (at 4° KH) will be glad of it and grow quickly , because CO2 deficiency is the main reason for stagnating growth.

The new JBL ProFlora u201 promotes plant growth through the application of a new ceramic diffuser, which dissolves without any loss carbon dioxide in the water. A state of the art Mini bubble counter with an integrated check valve and a new Mini permanent test completes the new concept. The 95g disposable cylinder is situated on an attractive pedestal. It doses the CO2 precisely with help of a Mini pressure regulator, which indicates the cylinder pressure through a pressure gauge. The aquarist only has to unscrew the pressure regulator and to connect the hose and off you go. Even for the inexperienced user the assembly takes just 2 minutes! There even is a kink protector for the hose included, for positioning over any uncovered glass edges of nano aquariums. All the system parts are in the fashion colours white and silver to enhance the design of every nano aquarium.

The new JBL ProFlora u201 is a useful extension to the JBL CO2 range in the nano segment and is sure to be in demand for those aquariums. The CO2 disposable cylinders are available separately as 3-pack.

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