New JBL TempSet Heat: Protecting against the invisible

Heat lamps for terrariums are treacherous. Although they are on, you can’t see the radiation. This is because they emit heat radiation instead of visible light. As a result a heat protection against burns doesn’t only save the animals’ pain, but the terrarium keeper’s too. The hot heat lamp is enclosed in a special heat protection basket and is out of harm’s way. You could fill several books with the current regulations for such a heat protection basket!

JBL has rummaged through all the red tape of regulations and has managed to develop an approved heat protection for heat lamps which fulfils all these safety regulations. With the JBL TempSet Heat the terrarium enthusiast can safely use a heat lamp of up to 160 W. The unit is completely pre-assembled with a heat resistant and splash proof socket (IPX4 conformity). The 2 m long cable is equipped with a plug-in coupling for easy assembly, which is also splash proof. A thermal switch averts a fire risk by switching off automatically when the temperature exceeds 85°C at the E27 socket. The stable suspension device completes the JBL TempSet Heat, which is ready for immediate use without any fuss.

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