JBL ProScapers can prove their case

For the perfect growth of their plants, aquascapers depend on water analysis. There is a 99 % probability that one substance will run out and lead to a deficiency if they guess the amount of fertilizer needed and don’t check it afterwards.

JBL has a ProScape test case containing all the necessary water tests. With it the enthusiastic plant lover can measure all the nutrients individually, based on the calculated consumption just one day after the fertilization (online fertilizer calculator on: microsites.jbl.de/ProScape/calculator), and can then precisely adjust the fertilization.

The JBL ProScape Testlab contains - in addition to glass cuvettes, thermometer, report sheets with a ballpoint pen, colour charts, 2 dosing syringes, dosage spoons and cuvette holders - the following tests: pH 6.0-7.6; iron, CO2 Direct, magnesium in freshwater, potassium, phosphate, nitrate, silicate and carbonate hardness. Biotope aquarists particularly appreciate the comparator system with the JBL water tests, because many biotope aquariums have slightly tea-coloured water which leads to accuracy problems. JBL water tests contain a comparator system, which takes the inherent water colour into account and therefore always leads to very precise results.

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