Easy aquarium cleaning
Goodbye to dirt - simply remove mulm, algae, lime and other deposits

Are you looking for products to clean & maintain your aquarium? Check out our wide range of products for base & pane cleaning.

Cleaning is not usually one of our favourite tasks. But - latest - when the dust on the carpet becomes too thick to bear, we get the hoover out. In the aquarium it's more or less the same, except that too much dirt

often punishes us with the growth of unattractive and annoying algae. That’s why a little aquarium cleaning is really necessary. But don't worry! With JBL aids it's quick and easy - it's often even fun! A bottom cleaner, called a gravel cleaner, is the most important cleaning tool for every aquarium owner. Add to this a glass pane cleaning magnet or another pane cleaner and you’re already well equipped.

Please NEVER use a bucket, cloth or sponge that would otherwise come into contact with household cleaners. Household cleaners are extremely toxic, often lethal, for your aquarium inhabitants


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