Whitsun exhibition of the Terrarienkreis Kiel (Terraristics Association) at the Tierpark Gettorf - Part 1

During the last two years of the pandemic many events had to be cancelled or postponed. This was also the case with the reptile exhibition of the Terrarienkreis Kiel at Tierpark Gettorf. Although the pandemic is still around, the exhibition has finally able to take place once more in its usual form. The Terrarienkreis Kiel uses this event every year as an opportunity to show its visitors how to keep and care for reptiles and to inspire them with enthusiasm for the terraristics hobby. This year once again JBL was involved and we supported the project with numerous product packs. This is Melanie Winkler from the Terrarienkreis Kiel’s little report on everything that went on during the five days: 

Thursday, June 2, 2022 - The set-up

Finally, after an enforced break of more than two years, an exhibition of the Terrarienkreis Kiel could take place again in the Tierpark Gettorf. The set-up in the Paradise and Tropical Hall was a bit more turbulent and chaotic this year. 

15 tables, 2 benches and 13 terrariums had to be set up. Another 24 terrariums are arriving with their inhabitants on Friday, the start of the exhibition. Once everything was in place, we unpacked the many parcels from our long-term sponsor JBL. 

Products such as substrate and multiple accessories were immediately put to use. The terrariums were filled with JBL TerraBark , equipped with spotlights like JBL Reptil LED Daylight 13 W and JBL ReptilHeat , with thermometers and hygrometers ( JBL TerraControl ),  water bowls, brand new cork tubes and decorative plants.

On Friday, after such a long wait, snakes, lizards & Co. will finally be moving back into the two halls of our zoo. We are really looking forward to bringing our favourites closer to the visitors, sharing our knowledge with them and helping them to overcome their fears of these animals. 

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