Do research in the jungles of Venezuela with JBL

The destination for the JBL Expedition 2016 has now been decided: 40 participants will have the chance to accompany the JBL research team to the Orinoco Delta and to the famous table mountains at the Brazilian border for 8 days in April. This JBL expedition will be completely back to nature: The overnight stay in the jungle of the Orinoco will be in open palm huts without windows and doors with an open view to the second biggest river of South America. From there one-day excursions to the surrounding biotopes will be undertaken. Even if the water is not very clear, the fish variety can hardly be topped there: there are cichlids, tetras, catfish and knifefish living in the waters. Survival training in the rainforest is also on the schedule: getting water out of lianas, “bleeding bark” to treat injuries, finding food in palm hearts and catching fat, juicy maggots for the larger appetites. This is a must for everyone to experience live and not only on TV!

After the Orinoco we will fly into the south to the table mountains, where dinosaurs are thought to have lived in the total isolation of their plateau regions. The JBL expedition participants will canoe for 4 hours into the gorges of the table mountains. Away from all roads and paths the second JBL jungle camp is situated, with hammocks under palm branches and a direct proximity to the world’s highest waterfalls, the Salto Angel. Terrarium enthusiasts will find their favourites here. Tarantulas, pit vipers and countless lizards live in this remote region of the earth. Fish enthusiasts will find perfect snorkelling conditions in clear and red coloured water and will surely discover a new fish species or two. At about € 1,700 the trip price has been kept as low as possible. You will find more information inside the new JBL Aquarium/Reptile Catalogue 2015 or from the end of December on the JBL homepage at: Spedizione esplorativa 2016 in Venezuela

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