JBL Influencer Days - Online meets Offline Vol. 4 - 24 Hours with JBL

Last weekend JBL hosted the 4th Influencer Days "Online meets Offline", in which 15 popular influencers took part and spent 24 hours with JBL and the other influencers. After the welcomes from the online marketing manager, Matthias Wiesensee, and general manager, Roland Böhme, the participants got to know the company. After passing through the hygiene sluice in protective suits, the participants were given an extensive factory tour of the 2.5-hectare site and an insight into food production on the extruder. After an extensive discussion session the group split up and demonstrated some hugely impressive teamwork in the myJBL community project, setting up two XXL aquariums with a total volume of 2,000 litres. Creating something together was a thought-provoking, valuable experience for the participants.

On the second day of the event, the group met for a joint breakfast. Even those who had gained a lot of previous background and product knowledge through their online presence and had received insights into less accessible fields were surprised how much they learnt.

The entertainer and showman Oratio, the L'alligatore, known from the jungle camp, SternTV and other TV formats, gave the influencers a two-hour guided tour, during which they came into close contact with alligators, snakes, spiders and other reptiles.

The group then visited the ornamental fish wholesaler Aquarium Dietzenbach to learn more about the import and selection of ornamental fish. Herbert Nigl led the group through his halls with more than 600,000 animals.

Getting to know each other and networking was the top priority at OmO, which was led and moderated by online marketing manager Matthias Wiesensee. AquaOwner, ZooBox, GarnelenTV, AQUaddicted!, German Monstertank, Sascha Hoyer AquaArtist and ZooZajac were some of the highest rated Influencers 2019 taking part. Expect numerous projects and publications to result from this event, some of them from collaborations between the participants – something to look forward to.

Our articles about the "OmO" Influencer Days have reached and inspired more than 2 million German-speaking aquarium enthusiasts. Their demand for the new products and the JBL range presented there has been huge.

Detailed reports and insights with pictures and videos will be available in a few days in the myJBL blog at Blog . You’ll also find links to the participants’ contents here.

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