The Japanese and the real koi

This time I would like to answer a very interesting question which I hear very often in my daily work. It’s whether only a Japanese koi is a real koi or whether the Japanese breed the best koi. I see so many koi, such beautiful colour variations, and of course I also compare their qualities and breeds. It is no longer the case that only the animals of Japanese origin are “originals”. We breed all over the world with Japanese parent animals. Often you can’t tell them apart by their appearance anymore. Breeders in Europe have not held back and they can now match the Japanese not only in quality but also in price! Offspring from European parent animals are called Euro Koi. But because of their genetic lineage these koi, born and grown up in Europe, from Japanese parent animals are called Nishikigoi!

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Ronny Thorhauer
Ronny Thorhauer
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