New JBL Herbil - Who said tortoises are slow?

Our South East UK representative, Frederic Rassineux went to visit some of our customers to show them the New JBL Herbil, complete tortoise food and what a success it was!!

The new formulation worked with all tortoises the food was presented to. Fred was lucky to be given access to some impressive animals like a very fussy adult male sulcata tortoise, who rarely touches any dry food and who just kept eating our New JBL Herbil until his dish was empty. But there was also a beautiful giant Aldabra tortoise, which again took no time to reach its bowl and would not let anyone pull the bowl away. Who said tortoises are slow? All the ones we came across literally ran towards our New JBL Herbil, attracted by a very nice herby fresh smell. Fantastic palatability, natural ingredients, vitamin rich and the perfect Calcium to Phosphorous ratio!

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© 07.02.2017