JBL breidt voederassortiment uit met speciaal voer voor axolotls

X JBL NovoLotl en X JBL NovoLotl XL are the names of the two new food products for amphibian Axolotl which are becoming increasingly popular due to their bizarre appearance. JBL NovoLotl was formulated for growing animals with a length of 10 - 25 cm, while JBL NovoLotl XL is for animals with a body length of 18 cm and over.

Both foods contain sinking food pearls which cater to the feeding habits of bottom feeding amphibians. Axolotl use their olfactory sense (sense of smell) to find their food. The strong smelling ingredients in JBL NovoLotl make it easy for the animals to locate the food pearls.

In feeding series, amphibian specialist, Dr. Hans-Joachim Herrmann, was able to demonstrate that clawed frogs and species of salamanders also respond to the food quickly besides the axolotl, so that they can be fed in a manner that meets the natural needs of their species.

The food was formulated with a protein/fat ratio of 4:1. 5 % high-grade spirulina algae and a multivitamin complex make for healthy animals with strong disease resistance.

Both food products will be available in 250 ml containers starting February.

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