JBL aquatic calculator – something really useful for any aquarist

There are a few questions which can only be answered by a few select experts. These include the quantity of substrate required, what amount of light is best and the complex issue of how much fertilizer to add. To answer these questions the JBL research department has developed calculators which, at the push of a button, can make well-founded recommendations.

That’s why the Dosage Calculator starts by calculating the precise water content, which many aquarists would otherwise continue to guess at for years on end. Using the initial dosing and consumption as a starting point, it tells you the exact amount of fertilizer you need for your aquarium. Once you have entered the surface area and layer thickness you want, it can calculate how much substrate you need, taking into account the type of substrate.

The smart Light Calculator doesn‘t only request the precise values about type , length and output of the lamp, but also shows very clearly that reflectors double the light output. With the help of this easy-to-use calculator not only dedicated scapers, but really every aquarium owner will be able to run an efficient aquarium with sturdy plant growth.

JBL Calculator: Calculador ProScape

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