The JBL Satisfaction Guarantee 100% quality for 100% satisfaction

Dear JBL customer,
Every day, our employees go the extra mile to not only develop new products, but also to produce existing products under strict specifications, to maintain quality and to continuously improve on it.

We would like to offer you the greatest possible security when purchasing JBL products and remove the risk of making the wrong purchase. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with one of our products, we will exchange the product, help you with minor defects by repairing it or refund the purchase price. At any time!

It’s important to us at JBL that you are satisfied with our products and are happy to use them. Our team of customer service experts is always ready to help you. We are also grateful for your suggestions and feedback.

  1. Create a ticket

    Create a new ticket at our customer service center ..

  2. Selection

    Select "After purchase" as the theme and the product category as the subtopic. Select "Satisfaction guarantee" as the detailed topic.

  3. Stating the reason

    Tell us the main reason for your dissatisfaction and give us the details with 1-3 photos. Supplying the batch code / serial number also provides us with valuable analysis data.

  4. Searching for the solution

    Within 36 hours on weekdays you will receive feedback on how to proceed..

Take your time. You’ll be able to take us up on this promise up to three months after purchasing.

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