Cleaning in the aquarium made easy with JBL PROCLEAN products

Most people see regular cleaning in the aquarium as a tedious chore and it’s often said that having an aquarium means a lot of work and time. Dragging buckets, swallowing water, wet sleeves, scrubbing limescale edges and much more. This deters some from taking the first step and bringing a piece of nature into their home.

But with the right tools, cleaning is child's play and done in no time at all. Cleaning can even be fun.

Lugging buckets is a thing of the past

Most people shy away from the water change. Wet soil, heavy buckets ... you dread the very thought. We too have carried buckets for years and know how exhausting it can be, depending on the size and dimensions of the tank. With the JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT water jet pump , changing the water is very easy, all without lugging and wet feet. Simply screw it onto the tap, connect the hose and let the water run. The vacuum created then sucks the water from your aquarium into the sink. Now your weekly dose of (not very tasty) aquarium water is a thing of the past. To fill it, simply block the outlet and bring in the water. If the hose is not enough, you can easily extend it with the JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT EXTENSION . As certain adapters are required for the connection to the tap, we recommend using the JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT COMPLETE . Everything is included to get started immediately, no delay, no need for more parts. Alternatively, the water jet pump can also be bought separately and the adapters purchased in our spare parts shop.   

Of course, your tap water needs to be suitable and, depending on where you live, there may be no alternative to a reverse osmosis system or similar and therefore to dragging water around. But instead of pouring the bucket into the aquarium and flooding the whole floor, you can simply pump the water out of the bucket into the tank with the JBL PROFLOW pumps ( Su pompalama ) and the floor will stay dry. Either place the pump in the bucket or outside the bucket via a hose connection.

And here’s another tip: you can use the PROFLOW pumps for additional filtering with the PROFLOW sf quick filter cartridges. But you can also add a protection basket and use them as a flow pump without a filter cartridge, which is ideal for supporting your filter.

Siphoning can be so simple

Although there isn’t any dust to vacuum up in the aquarium, dirt does accumulate in the substrate and needs to be removed. The so-called mulm can be easily removed with the JBL PROCLEAN AQUA EX gravel cleaner ( Zemin temizliği ). The large gravel cleaners ( JBL PROCLEAN AQUA EX 20-45 and JBL PROCLEAN AQUA EX 45-70 ) “suck in” the water automatically when you shake them up and down. With the smaller version ( JBL PROCLEAN AQUA EX 10-35 ), the same effect can be achieved with rapid successive "scooping" movements. The suction pulls the soil and dirt in the gravel cleaner upwards. Due to its weight, the soil falls back down and only the dirt is sucked out of the aquarium. With fine sand, you can adjust the suction by lifting the gravel cleaner so that the light sand also falls back down. A sieve in the cleaner’s bell prevents fish and shrimp from being accidentally sucked in. The sieve can be removed for cleaning.

The JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT COMPLETE gives you an all-round no-worries package with both the JBL PROCLEAN AQUA EX 45-70 , the JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT EXTENSION and the JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT water jet pump .

Clear view, clean technology and decoration

No one likes water stains, and they’re certainly not welcome in the aquarium. Especially when the water is hard you’ll find water spots on the aquarium glass. The JBL PROCLEAN AQUA removes even the most stubborn limescale stains. The JBL WishWash is ideal for use with the PROCLEAN AQUA. And unlike conventional glass cleaners, PROCLEAN AQUA is harmless for the aquarium inhabitants.

To clean the inside, you can choose from a range of pane cleaners. The JBL blade cleaners Aqua-T ( JBL Aqua-T Handy angle , JBL Aqua-T Handy angle , JBL Aqua-T Triumph ), the JBL Floaty and Floaty Blade magnetic cleaners ( JBL FLOATY II , JBL Nano-Floaty , JBL FLOATY Shark , JBL FLOATY BLADE , JBL FLOATY akrilik/cam ) the JBL Blanki , the JBL PROSCAPE CLEANING GLOVE and the JBL Spongi are suitable for removing deposits on the glass.

So you have something beautiful to see through the clean panes, decorative objects and aquarium technology can be cleaned with the JBL PROCLEAN POWER . Simply dilute the cleaning solution 1:10 with water and place the object to be cleaned in it. *

*Caution: Not suitable for use on metal, wood, plants or other living organisms. In addition, only immerse porous decorative objects briefly in JBL PROCLEAN POWER and brush them off. Then place in tap water for 3 days and renew water daily.

And finally, add some live bacteria

Even if the pool looks clean, it does not mean that it really is "clean"! JBL PROCLEAN BAC contains live cleansing bacteria and ensures that your fish stay healthy and the aquarium water remains clean and clear. It breaks down ammonium, ammonia and nitrite and supports your filter in its work.

The PROCLEAN products make the work easier and support the cleaning in the aquarium. This keeps your beloved aquarium low-maintenance and always gives you a beautifully clean tank.

Would you like to learn more about cleaning your aquarium? Then take a look at the posts linked below. :)

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