Sick fish in the aquarium – diagnose them with the Online Hospital

Do you have sick fish in your aquarium or are your fish behaving strangely? Are they showing puzzling symptoms which you can’t quite interpret? In the Online nemocnice you can compare pictures of sick fish with your fish in the aquarium. This makes the diagnosis or elimination of diseases easier. Treatment is no longer a problem because there are many highly effective medications on the market. Do not hesitate because many diseases require immediate action. From one dot hundreds quickly grow and a white rash can lead to death within one day if no action is taken.

Current findings from fish pathology have informed the Online Hospital and they are represented by over 500 photos showing the symptoms of diseases. The pictures and the text search will lead you to quick solutions.

After having identified the disease accurately you will quickly and easily receive recommendations for action in order to initiate the necessary steps. Please be aware that the treatment will only have an effect if the correct diagnosis is made. Therefore you may need to consult a veterinarian who can make an exact diagnosis by means of a microscopic examination.

After the disease has been treated you need to deal with the cause. Frequent and repeated outbreaks of a disease especially need investigation. In the following post we have dealt with this subject: Treating fish diseases before they arise .

As additional aid we have compiled some information in a register card holder showing the products and their applications used to deal with the most common problems: .

There is always a risk of possible mix-ups between the different diseases. You can read more about this in the download.

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