Start Your Terrarium Successfully – A Checklist With Questions

Before purchasing a terrarium animal you need to ask yourself three fundamental questions:

  1. How much space can you free up for your terrarium (the general rule is: the more space, the better)?
  2. Which animals with the demands of their species fit into the space you have available?
  3. Which terrarium animals do you choose from the “suitable list” to care for, having looked at their further requirements and behaviour?

Only once you have answered these three questions, will you not only be sure that your dream will come true, but also that you can offer your future fellow lodger a new home which meets the demands of its species, its body size and its movement needs. You can answer the last two questions, regarding their demands on food and living space, quickly and easily:

  1. How does the terrarium need to be set-up to reproduce the natural habitat in all its details (chances to retreat, feeding and drinking area, sunny spot, large floor space for bottom-dwellers, climbing opportunities for tree dwellers, space for hygiene activities)?
  2. Which technical equipment is required to recreate the temperature, humidity and UV radiation of the natural habitat?

All of the equipment and technical items need to be adapted exactly to the volume of the terrarium at all times. The motto “ the more the better” doesn’t apply here.

Setting up your first terrarium can be as easy as this. Thanks to these three questions you won’t forget anything and there is nothing to stand in the way of a successful start.

To give you a taste of which animals you could be looking after, please click on the following link: terárium

You will find a comprehensive brochure telling you how to set up a terrarium and how to care for lizards, turtles, tortoises and spiders here:

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