JBL and the € 250,000 koi

The All Japan Koi Show in Tokyo at the beginning of February is considered by the worldwide koi scene to be the professional koi breeder association, the Shinkokai’s, most important prize show. Being a member of the Shinkokai, JBL once again ran a stand at this event and was the only European manufacturer to do so.

The JBL ProPond koi food, which has now been tested and rated as “excellent” by several professional breeders, was the centre of attention on our stand. A lot of Japanese visitors were also interested in our JBL ProScan water testing by app. Since only a few Japanese in the koi scene speak English, the Japanese language version of the clever and accurate water test app was well received.

After the 41 judges had valued several rounds a Kohaku was chosen as the Grand Champion. A Chinese person bought the koi at the show for about € 250,000, but this person will surely have difficulty importing it to his home country because of China’s import ban.

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