8th Tierwelt Magdeburg: Kids’ workshop and much more

At the 8th Trade Fair Tierwelt Magdeburg on Friday April 1 until Sunday April 3, 2016 you’ll have a fringe programme with a lot of variety to look forward to. JBL will be on-site to offer you a lot of workshops and events, in addition to the usual product presentations and face to face tips.

We are particularly proud to be able to offer our youngest hobby enthusiasts a workshop of their own – but the the adults will also be able to have the time of their lives.

Kids‘ workshop: How do you set up an aquarium?

Along with the Vallisneria Aquarium Club we’re going to let the kids playfully immerse themselves in the world of aquatics. From planning, to setup, to effective maintenance – this is bound to become a “splash” for all kids from 4-12 years. The complete workshop is free of charge, of course. Please reserve a place for your child now as the demand is going to be huge:

Registration: by telephone to Frau Hesse (tel. 0391 5934-431) or by email stefanie.hesse@mvgm.de

Where: Kids‘ Workshop Area - directly next to the aquascaping area

When: on Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Live aquascaping show with the all-star team of “The Art of the Planted Aquarium“

A lot of you will already know the aquascaping contest, „The Art of the Planted Aquarium“, which up until last year used to be a regular fixture at the Heimtiermesse Hannover. Now the celebrated all-star aquascapers of the German scene are meeting in Magdeburg in a completely new format and they will be honouring us with a live setup of their own creation. JBL is going to be supporting them – amongst others - with products from the ProScape and ProFlora range.

Each scaper is going to be setting up a 250 litre and a 35 litre aquarium – a real challenge for the recognised artists of the worldwide league. Taking part are Anika Reinke, Oliver Knott, Adrie Baumann, Jan Simon Knispel and Marcel Dykierek.

Have a look over the shoulders of the experts and take the opportunity to ask questions, or just watch them crafting, to glean more tricks and tips.

The set up will be compered live, by a selected personality at fixed hours. This much competence and creativity on the stage – don’t miss it!

Where: Show Area


  • Friday (01.04.2016): 11:00 am, with Anika Reinke and Jan Simon Knispel onstage.
  • Friday (01.04.2016): 3:00 pm, live compering and blindscaping, with Oliver Knott.
  • Saturday (02.04.2016): 10:00 am, Anika Reinke, Jan Simon Knispel , Marcel Dykierek Oliver Knott and Adrie Baumann onstage.
  • Saturday (02.04.2016): 12:00 am, Oliver Knott comperes live during the setup of the 250 litres aquarium
  • Saturday (02.04.2016): 3:00 pm Adrie Baumann comperes live.
  • Sunday (03.04.2016): 10:00 am, Anika Reinke, Jan Simon Knispel, Marcel Dykierek and Adrie Baumann onstage.
  • Sunday (03.04.2016): 12:00 am, Adrie Baumann comperes live.

Wabi-kusa seminar: From aquatic plant to a living work of art

Wabi Kusa © Frederic Fuss

From aquatic plant to craft in a vase. A new trend, which has come over to Europe from Japan and is becoming popular in more and more homes.

Where: Show Area

When: Saturday 2:00 pm & Sunday 2:00 pm

Photo workshop with Jurijs Jutjajevs : Five steps to the perfect aquarium photo.

Anyone who has taken photos of an aquarium knows the problem. Reflections, fish which won’t keep still and an unfaithful colour reproduction. As aquarium enthusiast Jurijs knows what to do. His photographic works are huge internet successes for their ability to reproduce the true beauty of an aquarium.

In his workshop Jurijs will show you what kind of equipment you need and how to use it, so that you too can capture your aquarium in all its splendour.

Where: Scaper Lounge

When: Friday 2:00 pm, Saturday 11:00 am & 4:00 pm, Sunday 11:00 am & 4:00 pm

Have a look at our monthly post for the dates of further trade fairs in your area, and the chance to meet JBL Workshops, trade fairs and promotions in March

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