Podmínky účasti v soutěži

Podmínky účasti v soutěži/slosování JBL

as of January 2016

The organiser

  • JBL GmbH & Co. KG
  • Dieselstraße 3
  • D-67141 Neuhofen
  • Tel.: +49/ (0)6236/ 4180-0
  • Fax: +49/ (0)6236/ 4180-999
  • Email: socialmedia@jbl.de

(hereafter referred to as JBL) occasionally organises competitions and draws. The participation is free of charge and does not oblige the participant to purchase a goods or service. Participation is subject to the following conditions of participation:

Conditions for participation/participation

  1. Participation in competitions organised by JBL is only possible online using the JBL competition website. Depending on the terms and conditions of the competition, the participants are to answer any competition questions asked by JBL, fully, online and within the stated competition period, and to transmit any contributions/articles digitally, or to confirm their online participation by pressing the button “Join now”.
  2. A registered JBL user account is a condition of participation in online competitions.


  1. Entitled to participate is any natural person aged 18 or over and resident in an EU country - excluding the EFTA member states and non-Continental European states.
  2. Excluded from participation are employees of JBL GmbH & Co.KG, any other persons directly involved in the conception and implementation of the competition, and family members of all the above mentioned persons.
  3. JBL reserves the right to disqualify any participants if there are reasonable grounds, such as violations of the conditions of participation, double participation, or other attempts to manipulate the participation procedure or the competition in a dishonest way, in particular by interference, threats and/or by pestering employees of JBL or other participants of the competition. In such cases, JBL is entitled to subsequently revoke prizes already paid out or to claim back delivered prizes.


  1. The respective prize is determined by the respective terms and conditions of the competition on the JBL website. Any pictures of the prizes which may be shown are only examples and can vary in colour, model etc. JBL reserves the right to select another item of equal value and medium size and quality as a prize.
  2. Any additional costs arising from the use of the prize, such as additional devices or expenses, are to be borne by the winner.

Competition period

  1. The participation in the competition is only possible within the competition period indicated by JBL for the respective competition. The time logged on the JBL server is decisive.
  2. When the closing date of the competition has been reached the opportunity to participate will automatically be removed.

Rights of use

  1. In the case that participation in the competition requires the creation and transmission of a work (e.g. photo, video, written application, other files etc.), the copyright remains principally with the respective participants, as far as they are protected by copyright.
  2. With the transmission of the work the participant freely gives JBL the right to retain it permanently, also after the end of the competition, on the JBL website and to keep it available for the public, as well as to delete or to edit it. This right also includes the advertising of JBL, in all media formats and over all distribution channels. The participants have no entitlement to demand publication, deletion or editing.
  3. If several people are involved in the creation of the work (e.g. visible or audible), the participant guarantees by submitting the work that all people involved have irrevocably given their consent for its submission and thus to the granting of the rights described above, and insofar have agreed to the transmission of the work and the granting of rights. Furthermore the participant affirms that with the creation of the work the rights of third parties are not infringed.

[Note: An infringement against copyrights of the participants may lead in certain circumstances to the fact that claims could be made by third parties against JBL directly or against JBL and the participants. On a case-by-case basis the consequence may be that legal compensation claims arise for JBL against the participant.]

Draw and/or selection/announcement of winners/awarding of prizes

  1. Depending on the terms and conditions of the competition the winner will be determined by draw or by jury's selection. In the case of a draw it will be carried out randomly. The way in which the winners are determined will be announced in the respective terms and conditions.
  2. The draw or selection will take place within 5 days after the end of the competition period. Only one prize is possible per contestant. A cash payment or the transferal of the prize to another person is not possible.
  3. The winner will be notified by JBL about the prize at the email address submitted during the registration process, within 48 hours of the drawing or the selection.
  4. In addition the result of the draw or selection will be broadcast on JBL’s social media channels, such as YouTube, Google+ and Facebook.
  5. The delivery of the prizes to the addresses registered on the corresponding user accounts, will take place within 21 days after the draw. The delivery is free of charge within the EU and Switzerland. Additional costs exceeding this and customs are to be paid by the winner. In the case of delivery by freight carrier, the carrier will contact the winner to arrange a delivery date. In the case of dispatch by a freight-forwarding company JBL will only bear the costs for the first delivery attempt.
  6. If the delivery of the non-cash prize is unsuccessful after two attempts, the winner’s right to the prize will expire.

Termination of competition

  1. JBL reserves the right to cancel or to interrupt the competition or draw for important reasons at any time. This applies in particular in the event of circumstances which would disrupt or hinder the orderly running of the competition or the draw.

Privacy/obligations of the winners/consent

  1. During the announcement of the prizes the winners’ first names, surnames and possibly their places of residence will be shared on the JBL website and possibly on JBL’s social media channels, such as YouTube, Google+ and Facebook.
  2. By participating, each winning participant agrees to take part to a reasonable extent in profile-raising, media-effective activities connected to the prize giving, and in other press and media activities of JBL.
  3. All personal data of the participant will only be saved and used for the purpose of organizing and processing the competition /draw, without further consent. The participants are free at any time to withdraw their participation from the competition/the draw. The revocation must be sent to:
  • JBL GmbH & Co. KG
  • Dieselstraße 3
  • D-67141 Neuhofen
  • Tel.: +49/ (0)6236/ 4180-0
  • Fax: +49/ (0)6236/ 4180-999
  • Email: socialmedia@jbl.de

Final provisions

  1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. According to § 13 BGB (German Civil Code) the choice of law under 9.1 is only possible for consumers when the granted protection is not withdrawn for mandatory provisions by the law of the state in which the consumer is primarily in residence.
  2. For the competitions and draws there is no right of appeal.

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