JBL launches a new generation of internal filters

The worldwide 500 % increase in prices for power magnets posed a unique challenge for the JBL Development Department: How can one provide an internal filter which was just selected as Product of the Month by the DATZ aquarium journal in 2012 with a means for mounting inside an aquarium that is even cleverer and better?

The solution was found in the car navigation systems sector. The strong, large suction cups used for navigation systems are widely known for their extreme reliability. And this, despite the fact that the windshield is alternatingly exposed to bright sun and rain.

So it was precisely these suction cups, which can be removed effortlessly due to a special component (pushbutton), that were selected as the preferred mounting means. This new solution is even simpler and more reliable than the magnetic mount used in the past and was praised immensely during the preproduction trials. The internal construction of the filters was not changed, as there wasn’t really any need for improvement here. Every kind of filter medium can be integrated and the previous cartridges with ready-made filter media also fit into the new greenline generation.

The motors were optimised with a view to energy efficiency and now consume up to 61 KW/h less per year than the preceding models. In addition, the BILATERAL BEARINGS of the impeller shaft have increased reliability and decreased noise even further. The two smaller filters JBL CRISTALPROFI i60 greenline y JBL CRISTALPROFI i80 greenline have smaller motors with 420 l/h and the two larger JBL CRISTALPROFI i100 greenline así como JBL CRISTALPROFI i200 greenline have pumps with 720 l/h. What has not changed is that the filters can be installed in every position and that they are suited for salt water. So, after converting its internal filters to the energy efficient greenline version, JBL has now also integrated the greenline technology into its external filters.

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