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Hi nature-loving aquarium and terrarium enthusiast,

Have you ever dreamed of spending time in the middle of the jungle, snorkelling to observe aquarium fish in their natural habitat, eating dinner with the locals and looking for snakes and lizards with them? And then, when interesting animals appear, have you dreamed of measuring the biotope data such as water values, temperature, humidity as well as UV radiation and lux values? If this is exactly what floats your boat, then a JBL Expedition is the right place for you! You don't have to be a biologist or a licensed scuba diver, you just need to be so enthusiastic about nature that even 24 hours in the wild leaves you wanting more.

Since 2001 JBL and the JBL research team have been offering every nature enthusiast a chance to travel to the home areas of our aquarium and terrarium animals. The aim is to learn more about the habitats and the requirements of the animals we keep in order to optimise the conditions we provide them and also to breed them. As a result, fewer animals need to be taken from the wild and energy-consuming transports can also be reduced. Although the population of a species has NEVER been endangered by keeping pets at home, increasing the number of offspring or conservation breeds is of course a desirable goal for all of us!

On the JBL website you will find the "JBL Expeditions" header under the "myJBL" tab. There you can see everything we have done so far and, more importantly, what we are planning! Because you have the opportunity to accompany us on these expeditions, to research with us, to observe the animals, to have some unforgettable experiences and to learn a lot about these animals. It's beyond enjoyable to be out in nature all day and sometimes even for part of the night. Sometimes we go to the freshwaters in rainforests and sometimes we go to the coral reefs of the oceans. This is because our aquarium animals come from all over the world - and it is precisely these regions that interest us. We always take along several experts, each hugely knowledgable in their respective scientific fields and you can discuss everything you have experienced with them over a beer or local tea in the evening. This exchange with like-minded people is incredibly beneficial and has already created many friendships beyond the expeditions.

The question we’re asked most is how dangerous it is. Your living room armchair in front of the TV will probably be safer, even if most accidents happen in the home. But we choose regions that are politically reasonably stable and attacks are the absolute exception. There are poisonous animals almost everywhere, but apart from mosquitoes there is no animal that attacks humans without being harassed by humans. We went diving among dozens of sharks after learning a lot about shark body language from shark specialist Dr Erich Ritter. We have seen extremely poisonous snakes - and luckily did not step on them. Only then would it have become dangerous, because the nearest doctor is sometimes a long way away. We always have an expedition doctor with us, but he can't always help with snake or spider bites. On our 16 JBL expeditions so far, we have only had three life-threatening situations, all of which could have happened just as easily on holiday in Majorca. Our participants act prudently and watch their step as best they can. The piranhas and caimans in the water pose no danger whatsoever. But falling off a rock or slipping on slippery ground can be problematic in a remote region. We have also never had any problems with nasty parasites, that topic which gets the highest hits on YouTube. We only snorkel in clear water, often in blackwater, and there are not even mosquito larvae living there!

After a day in the jungle and the waters flowing in it, you are full of impressions in the evening. Those who have observed large altum angelfish in peace in the clear 30-degree water of the Rio Atabapo are so tired at some point in the evening that the hammock becomes the best bed in the world. An expedition is incredibly beautiful - for me, these trips are among the most beautiful I have made in my life. I now have 100 countries behind me and look forward to every single JBL expedition to come! Why don't you come along? Some expeditions are quite expensive, but we also offer affordable expeditions costing around € 2000,- every now and then. So don't miss out!

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

Tauchen, Fotografie, Aquaristik, Haie, Motorrad


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