Interzoo 2016 – Need clarification? JBL ProCristal will help

JBL did not neglect the pond enthusiasts or terrarium and aquarium owners at the Interzoo. As well as ProHaru (featured in our last blog post Interzoo 2016 –Bonding with ProHaru® ) the new ProCristal product line with its many innovative features will be a real boon for your aquarium or garden pond.

After all clear water is number one on almost all pond owners’ wish lists. The greatest evil is cloudiness. And there are several types to bother us:

  • Whitish cloudiness: often caused by an explosive increase of bacteria. There can be many different reasons for this.
  • Greenish cloudiness: caused by floating algae. This is usually caused by a combination of a lot of nutrients in the water and strong light entering the water.

With the JBL UV-C water clarifiers you can eliminate cloudiness quickly! Here in brief are the most important points:

High-performance water clarifier for aquariums and garden ponds

Eliminates green water (floating algae) and whitish cloudiness (bacteria) reliably and quickly, using germ-killing UVC radiation. UV light is an entirely physical agent. There are no harmful side effects. Reduces the germ load and reduces the risk of infection. To extend the performance, devices can be joined together by connecting pieces ( JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C QuickConnect ). Very high effectiveness thanks to water flow with a maximum layer thickness of 10 mm. Automatic burner switch-off when opening the device ensures safety. Optional hose connector tails or threads for PVC tube fittings. Strong 5 m rubber cable with protective earth wire and safety plug. 4-year warranty on casing.

The ProCristal UV-C high-performance water clarifiers are available in the following versions:





A suitable accessory to double the performance is the JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C QuickConnect which connects two devices with each other. Over the JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C ElbowConnect you can rotate the hose outlet 90° to perfect the installation according to your wishes.

A huge dwarf – the new JBL ProCristal internal filter

This little oddball is new to the ranks of the large UV-C clarifiers. Like the others it ensures clear visibility and clean water.

Many nano and pico aquariums are already crammed even before the owner installs a filter. The new internal filter JBL PROCRISTAL i30 is just the thing. At only 8 x 4 x 12 cm it fits into a coffee mug and still offers an astonishing cleaning performance for aquariums between 10 and 40 litres! It is equipped with a separate filter chamber for dedicated filter material to combat algae growth, or for exceptionally clear water. There is a comprehensive range of filter cartridges especially for the small filter on offer too. And for those who want to grow this baby into an adult, they can start by doubling the filter volume with the help of an extension module, and then go on extending it. It goes without saying that the JBL PROCRISTAL i30 is safe for shrimps and juvenile fish.

The following dedicated filter cartridges and extensions are part of the range:

JBL PROCRISTAL i30 FilterModul for higher filter performance and longer service life. Can simply be clipped on under the JBL ProCristal i30. Ready-to-use, includes filter sponge. Extends the filter by about 3 cm to 15.9 cm. Depending of the aquarium’s height, up to 3 modules can be added. Set contains a module which can be clipped on, with filter sponge.

JBL PROCRISTAL i30 SuperClear Dedicated filter material for crystal-clear water. Ready-to-use cartridge with high performance activated carbon and special filter material to keep water clean and clear. Easy to install: remove water outlet, put cartridge into container and reconnect water outlet. Needs to be replaced on a monthly basis. One cartridge contains 25 ml dedicated filter material.

JBL PROCRISTAL i30 FilterSponge replacement filter sponge for JBL ProCristal i30. Needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis and replaced every three months to keep the aquarium water clean and clear. Ideal pore size of 30 ppi (pores per inch) for effective mechanical cleaning. Also promotes the settlement of cleansing bacteria for best biological cleaning. Adding JBL FilterStart means instant biological effectiveness.

JBL PROCRISTAL i30 GreenStop special filter material to combat green water. Ready-to-use cartridge for the JBL ProCristal i30 internal filter. Green water is caused by floating algae. The cartridge withdraws the nutrients from the algae which makes them disappear. Needs to be replaced on a monthly basis. One cartridge contains 25 ml of algae combatting filter material.

JBL PROCRISTAL i30 AlgaePrevent Filter cartridge to prevent algae in aquariums. Ready-to-use cartridge. Easy to install: remove water outlet, put cartridge into container and reconnect water outlet. Withdraws the algae nutrient phosphate from the water and thus prevents algae problems. Needs to be replaced on a monthly basis. One cartridge contains 25 ml phosphate remover.

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