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We all love our aquariums, terrariums and ponds. So why not get others to love them too? Our youngest citizens are particularly interested. Just look for a school, a kindergarten or a youth camp and become their mentor – pass this wonderful hobby on to the next generation!

JBL is strongly committed to this. We would like to show you three brief examples in pictures and a few words, because the kids, for their part, have been repaying us with their enthusiasm!

The day nursery Nesthäkchen in Hamburg supervised by Sarah Mühle

With the words “We’ve done it, our day nursery aquarium is all ready” Sarah reported us.

“Without the numerous donations in the form of plants and equipment we could never have managed it so quickly and so beautifully” were her grateful words.

Not only did the kids enjoy setting it up, they continue to have fun with the aquarium every day. Has anything changed? Has the plant at the back on the right blossomed yet? The aquarium has now become a popular meeting point for the adults and children in Nesthäkchen.

Stefan Landeck’s School Project Steinwalsschule Neukirchen

Question on question: the pupils have fun every day with their new underwater world and bombard Stefan with questions about the aquarium, the plants and everything else.

Last year after the summer holidays the course WPK2 (compulsory course 2) was introduced, where the kids are supposed to get their own project going. What could have been cooler than their own aquarium? They quickly talked the teacher into it. The project started with 3 kids (Franziska, Celina und Laureen). Lucille joined in in the second half-year. Stefan regularly showed the kids new things, which they then did themselves. They even overcame an algae bloom at the beginning – this happens. The first offspring were soon there– guppys.

The kids say “And now we have a lovely big aquarium in our school media library” and everyone is pleased.

Alexander Kluth’s Secondary School Neustadt am Rübenberge

The Secondary School Neustadt am Rübenberge has a very special aquarium working group. It doesn’t only look after one aquarium but several themed aquariums.

Alexander Kluth has taught his pupils from the 5th to the 8th class the basic and the expert knowledge which results the successful running of an aquarium at home.

The West Africa Aquarium: The West Africa Aquarium: (90 x 60 x 60) is decorated with stones and lots of wood on which Anubias species are rooting. The fish stock consists of congo tetras (Phenacogrammus interruptus), purple cichlids (Pelvicachromis pulcher) and some long-whiskered cat fish. Planned for these tanks are also lionhead cichlids (Steatocranus casuarius) and a reedfish (Erpetoichthys calabaricus).

The Asia Aquarium: Our new aquarium (80 x 40 x 40) has been designed as a Asian stream course. To date some water trumpets have been added. The fish stock will be next.

The South America Aquarium: Our large second aquarium (90 x 60 x 60) is designed for South American tetras and dwarf cichlids. Roots, cork branches and a few stones serve as decoration. Various aquatic plants have also been placed at the back of the tank. To date there are some L-134 in the aquarium and numerous neon tetras. A pair of Apistogramma hongsloi has also been added.

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