The Aquarium Design Meisterschule: a 3-day workshop free of charge

A dream aquarium of your own design? Have you already seen ideas for your own dream aquarium, but you don’t know how to recreate it at home? Do you keep seeing aquariums in the internet set up by renowned aquarium experts and wonder how they do it?

In the course of the Supreme Heimtiermesse, ten renowned Masters of Aquarium Design will be meeting in Hannover from 2-5 February, 2017 to give ten aquarists like you, so-called “Apprentices” the opportunity to learn this craft and to get to know the well-known personalities from the aquatic scene. From the biotope aquarium to the classic aquascape to the ordinary community aquarium – anything is possible. Your result will inspire the crowds!

After this weekend you will be able to create these dream landscapes on your own at home and you may also make some important contacts for life. This project is supported by Tropica Aquarium Plants , Fluval / Hagen Deutschland and JBL . This way you will get the chance to make some face to face contacts with people from the aquarium sector and even to become a part of the aquarium field if you like. Don’t miss this opportunity!

If you and your Master create the most beautiful aquarium and are voted the audience favourite your prize will be a packet full of fantastic wares and an article will appear in the specialist media.

Entry is free and all materials will be provided by the sponsors mentioned above. And finally you and your Master will even be able to keep the aquarium with accessories to take home.


Apply from now until Jan. 27, 2017 under using the heading “Aquarium Design Meisterschule“ and receive an immediate confirmation. But you need to be fast because it’s first come first served.

What else you need to do?

You don’t need to do anything else but get there (travel is not included) and show up at the trade fair with plenty of motivation and a thirst for knowledge. You won’t forget this workshop (starting on Friday, 3 February, 2017 at 10 am and ending on Sunday, 5 February, 2017 at 4 pm) for a long time, packed as it will be with hours full of unforgettable knowledge. We will pay your entrance fee, of course. In case you are coming a long way, we gladly will help you to find an accommodation for you and the other participants.

The competition team will be with you every step of the way for questions and help.

This will be an unforgettable weekend for you and the Masters - we are absolutely sure.

The following Masters of Aquarium Design are waiting for you:

1. Adrie Baumann – Aquascaping-Symphony

2. Florian Neumann - Aqua Art Factory

3. Bernd Terletzki – Aquarium Tonndorf

4. Frederic Fuss – Aquariumdesign

5. Kim-David Kemperdick – WeScape

6. Garvin Borschewski

7. Andre Franken – WeScape

8. Dominik Niemeier

9. Jutta Dwinger - AKWB

10. Thorsten Peetz - Aquascaping-Bayern

You can get more information about the Master School (Meisterschule) of Aquarium Design 2017 in Hannover in the linked press release. Use the comment function below this post for your questions.

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