How is a reel / TikTok video made? - A visit to the Landau Reptilium

Hi guys, 

As you know, we were at the Reptilium in Landau as part of our roadshow. And of course, we didn't just visit the great reptile zoo, we also produced some great content for Instagram and TikTok. And that was harder work than expected, thanks to the tropical temperatures in the indoor zoo.

Even though the short videos on Instagram and TikTok are just a maximum of 15 seconds long, a lot of work goes into making these short clips look the way you see them.

The biggest challenge for us is always the backdrop. We want to offer you variety and not always stand in front of the same aquarium or always show a white wall. That’s why we stopped off at the Landau Reptilium during our roadshow. We had two days to film the entire Terra range and that is easier said than done. After all, we are talking about 241 products. 

To gain a first impression of where to best frame each product, we started off by walking through the whole Reptilium and placing the products in front of each terrarium until they were scattered all over the zoo. 

Then we proceeded in small steps. As soon as we had chosen the next set, we thought about which effects we wanted to try to recreate and how exactly the product should be staged. As soon as you have a rough idea, the filming starts. To achieve certain effects, you need individual videos, which are then cut together in a programme. We need about 4-5 scenes for a finished video. Depending on the difficulty, several attempts are necessary to film the perfect scenes. Especially filming with animals requires a certain amount of patience, because animals have their own will and you cannot and should not force them to do anything. 

If you follow our TikTok and Instagram reels regularly, you’ll already have a rough idea of how we create our videos. First, the product itself is filmed to show you which product is being used. This is usually followed by what the product’s for and then the result, i.e. how the animals accept the food or how the product looks in the aquarium or terrarium. 

Once the video is finished, it is posted on our various channels. For this, we pick some music suited to the media and that's it - the next time you open Instagram or TikTok, you can watch the video. 

We would like to thank the Reptilium staff again for their hospitality and great help! :) 

© 20.03.2022

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Tim Wierczinski
Tim Wierczinski
Online Marketing Volontär

Online Marketing, Social Media

O mně: BWL- Student Marketing & Digitale Medien aus der Pfalz. Seit 3 Jahren Aquaristik als Hobby.


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