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The air and water temperatures are 5 °C. Polar bears are climbing onto floes. Whales are penetrating the water surface. They are there for the same reason as we are. They want to catch the plankton which occurs in great abundance during the summer months. The otherwise clear water is clouded by plankton animals. Finally the time has come when we are able to catch the plankton for JBL PlanktonPur. It is a fact that every fish, excluding the absolute specialist feeder, lives off the plankton passing by in its natural habitat. JBL has now found a way to keep pure arctic plankton harvest fresh and long lastingly packed without artificial preservatives. As a result you now have the opportunity, for the very first time, to feed your aquarium fish with freshly caught plankton. PlanktonPur S contains crustaceans and molluscs with a food size of 0.2-0.5 mm. PlanktonPur M contains 2 mm sized crustaceans and molluscs.

Niestety konkurs z nagrodami jest już zakończony. Wkrótce odbędzie się nowy konkurs z nagrodami. Zapraszamy do obserwowania.

Try it and see

Make sure you receive your free introductory JBL PlanktonPur package by 23:59 on January 29, 2017 by clicking on the button marked “Join now“. The high nutritional value (30 mg/g omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids) and 20 µg/g natural astaxanthin will do your fish good and create beautiful colouring. Delivery starts after this date.

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Feed Trial – Pure Excitement with PlanktonPur

Anyone can snorkel in deep water, but at a depth of 50 cm it becomes challenging. Of course you won’t drown but you’ll whirl up a lot of sediment and your visibility will be zero.


Advantages of JBL PlanktonPur in comparison to live food

Wachstumsrate bei Jungfischen. Up to 100% higher survival rate in fish breeding and up to 100% higher growth rate with juvenile fish.


What made JBL think of creating PlanktonPur?

Hello Nils, thanks for taking the time for our Interview. I am a biologist and also head the JBL research expeditions. We have some questions for you about JBL PlanktonPur.


Which fish eat JBL PlanktonPur?

Very extensive feeding tests with professional fish breeders, fish importers and scientists have discovered that there are very few fish species which do not eat JBL PlanktonPur.


Natural food from Arctic waters

Zooplankton is the primary food source for many fish species in freshwater and marine water. These fish species have adapted to this food over many generations.