JBL GarantiePlus - rozszerzona gwarancja na 4 lata

With the guarantee extension JBL GarantiePlus you secure your extra-long extended 4-year guarantee from the date of purchase for your JBL product. Do not miss out on your extended guarantee claim!

After two years the manufacturer guarantee has expired. And then?

JBL product are designed for many years’ operation. We are happy to accompany you and offer you the opportunity to prolong the manufacturer guarantee to an extended 4-year guarantee free of charge. Therefore the registration needs to be carried out within the two-year statutory warranty period.

Safe is safe. Through that you can keep the claim for the guarantee services for for absence of defects and unimpaired functionality* and you can concentrate fully on your hobby without any worries or fears. Thanks to our experts we can offer you the ideal service for your technical JBL products.

* The guarantee extension covers the scope of the features mentioned in the instructions.

Here's how it works
  1. Purchasing product
  2. Scanning/photographing purchase receipt
  3. Fill in JBL GarantiePlus form
  4. Submit
  5. Enjoying JBL GarantiePlus advantages
You extend the manufacturer guarantee by 100% from two up to four years. Simple. Free of charge. The guarantee extension covers the scope of the features, mentioned in the instructions.
JBL products are designed for operation over many years. With JBL GarantiePlus you can relax and concentrate fully on your hobby without any possible causes for concern.
If your product is registered you can find all the corresponding information and additional offers in your “My JBL Product” list. Thanks to our experts we can also offer you an optimal service for your technical JBL products, should problems occur.
As soon as updates, changes or new insights, which are relevant for your products, are available we will send you all this information exclusively and in advance. This way you are always up-to-date
Imagine a manufacturer providing you with a product innovation to test free of charge and without any commitment on your part, even before it is available on the market. For who could be better qualified to judge it than you after your successful use of the predecessor model? Take this unique chance to participate in the product development process at JBL.

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