How to calculate energy consumption – easy as pie!

An increasing number of aquarium and terrarium owners complain about high electricity bills. Many people, though, don’t realise that the higher electricity bill isn’t necessarily due to the aquarium or terrarium, and that, instead, boiling water a few extra times or keeping your plasma screen on longer consumes much more electricity!

With a simple power calculator such as you can check in just seconds how much your technical appliances really consume.

The JBL energy saving lamps for terrariums. JBL ReptilJungle UV Light i JBL ReptilDesert UV Light only cost 3 cents per day for the 15 watt version and 10 h burning duration, i.e. € 11,50 per year! By way of comparison: A 100 cm plasma screen that is on at night from 18:00 to 23:00 consumes five times as much energy in five hours (€ 50 annually) as the JBL energy-saving lamp for terrariums does in 10 hours.

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