New JBL Fertilisers - Green Bottles for Green Fingers

Now that LED has become a feature of the vast majority of aquariums, it’s time to test your fertiliser compositions and perhaps readjust your dosages. A higher light intensity means that plants need more nutrients (which they receive from the fertilisers) to grow faster. Otherwise plant growth would be stunted by nutrient deficiency.

The JBL research department has reviewed the aquarium plant growth of 36 different aquarium plants under the new JBL full-spectrum LEDs, which have a photosynthetically active radiation level of over 200 PAR, in relation to the compositions and dosages of JBL aquarium fertilisers. The new LED-tested JBL fertilisers can be identified by green bottles/packages with the imprint "LED TESTED".

In order to make things clearer for aquarium owners, the dosing rhythm is now always clearly indicated on the front of the packaging. The JBL daily fertiliser needs to be applied every 24 h, the JBL basic fertiliser Ferropol every 7 days, the root fertiliser JBL Ferropol Root every 30 days, the substrate fertiliser JBL AquaBasis and the fertiliser balls every 180 days. This simple but very professional fertiliser system is guaranteed to work even with the most demanding aquarium plants. What’s more, JBL is offering this guarantee of function on all JBL products!

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