How does the terrarium manage while you’re on holiday?

Some terrarium animal species are perfect for holidaymakers, such as large boas, and some, like frogs, need to be fed every day. The rest are somewhere in between. Ideally, you’ll have someone reliable to take care of the feeding while you are away. Since your fridge will be emptier during your absence on holiday there should be room enough for feed while you’re away! Automatic feeders, used in aquariums ( JBL AutoFood BLACK ), are only suitable for amphibious axolotls. Unfortunately coarser pellets as for turtle food ( JBL Herbil NOWOŚĆ , JBL Pokarm dla żółwi ) or Iguana food ( JBL Iguvert ) do not fit into these feeders.

Apart from feeding, regulating the humidity and changing the water in drinking or bathing bowls ( JBL ReptilBar GREY ) is the secondary activity for your holiday stand-in to take on.