Guanto d'acquario per la pulizia

  • Facile rimozione di depositi e alghe: guanto per l'acquario con fili di metallo per la pulizia di oggetti e vetri
  • Agevole pulizia con il guanto, basta sfregare dove necessario
  • Pulizia di tutti gli angoli, rimozione delle alghe dalle foglie delle piante e dagli oggetti decorativi, pulizia degli apparecchi tecnici e delle pompe
  • Cura del guanto: sciacquare in acqua tiepida e asciugare senza esporlo direttamente al sole
  • Contenuto: 1 guanto per acquari
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Informazioni sul prodotto

Manutenzione e pulizia
I resti di cibo e piante, e i prodotti metabolici inquinano l’acqua dell’acquario. Se pulisci la vasca e gli accessori, e fai cambi parziali dell’acqua in modo regolare, gli abitanti dell’acquario rimarranno felici e anche tu trarrai più soddisfazione alla vista del tuo acquario.

Facile pulizia
Il JBL ProScape Cleaning Glove è l’aiuto ideale per rimuovere rapidamente e con facilità le alghe e i depositi sulle pareti dell’acquario, sui dispositivi e sugli oggetti decorativi.

Cura del guanto
Sciacquare in acqua tiepida e fare asciugare senza esporlo alla luce solare diretta.



Codice EAN:
1 Pezzi
Volume imballaggio:
0.36 l
Peso lordo:
30 g
Peso netto:
26 g
Fattore peso:
Dimensioni confezione (L/A/P):
6/300/150 mm


Specie animale: Arowana, Axolotl, Barbi, Calamittidi del Calabar, Callittidi, Cambarellus, Caracidi, Ciclidi (America del Sud), Ciclidi pappagallo, Cobitidi, Danioninae, Discus, Epiplatys, Ergasilus sieboldi, Flowerhorn, Gamberetti Stenopus, Gamberetti nani, Gobidi, Gourami, Granchi, Guppy, Killifish, Mastacembelidi, Pesci arcobaleno, Pesci combattenti, Pesci farfalla, Pesci labirintici, Pesci palla, Pesci rossi, Siluri, Tartarughe d'acqua, Tartarughe palustri, Tartarughe scivolatrici, Veiltail, Xenopi lisci, avannotti, conchiglie, crostacei, lumache, tritoni, vivipari
Dimensioni dell'animale: Per animali di tutte le taglie
Gruppo età animali: Tutti i pesci d'acquario
Volume dell'habitat: Per tutti gli acquari
Materiale: Acetato con lurex
C'olore: argento / bianco

Etichetta elettronica / lampadina

Mercurio: no
A intensità regolabile: no
Quanto è grande un guanto per l'acquario?

Il guanto per acquari JBL PROSCAPE CLEANING GLOVE è disponibile nella taglia M/L. È molto elastico e si adatta quindi a mani piccole e grandi. Il materiale può allargarsi dopo ripetuti utilizzi.

Blog (opinioni & esperienze)

JBL TV #28 Part 2: Aquarium care is so easy! Weekly measures

What do you need to do every week? We explain everything that needs to be done once a week.

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The JBL Intern - Changes in the Workplace

Hi everyone! I'm back at work again after my short - three day - trip out with the sales force.

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Video: Cleaning Glove for Easy and Fun Cleaning in the Aquarium

Have you ever cleaned your aquarium panes with a glove? Sounds fun - and it is. But most of all, it is simple, thorough and time-saving.

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ADM Team Bernd Terletzki: Wind through the Tabletop Mountains

A deep gorge cuts through the middle of the tabletop mountains in Venezuela. The wind propels the rushing water and the fish play in the water currents flowing through the tiny crevices.

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Misunderstandings – typical beginner mistakes

Based on our own experience in customer service and the many messages and questions we receive, we have put together the typical mistakes beginners may make. The experienced aquarist might well smile, but if they are honest, these are mistakes we all made at the start, aren’t they?

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(MSAD) Master School of Aquarium Design Team 5: The Island-Style Aquarium

The intention was to use roots and stone to create two islands, separated from each other by sand or a dense carpet of ground cover plants.

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(MSAD) Master School of Aquarium Design Team 3: The Triangular Layout

This layout consists of nothing but a beautiful, very unusual piece of wood which has been carefully positioned in the aquarium along the principles of the golden ratio.

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(MSAD) Master School of Aquarium Design Team 2: Tree On The Riverbed

The dimensions of the aquarium they were given and its built-in filter inlet and outlet, lead this team to choose a nature aquarium with a triangular layout. The motive shows the bottom of a tree protruding into a riverbed.

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MSAD Team 1: Mirror For A Pond

Garvin, der bekanntermaßen gern Effekte mit Spiegeln, LED-Beleuchtungen und Höhlen erzeugt, hat mit seinen Schülerinnen eine Wasserfläche unter Wasser vorgeschlagen. Eine der beiden Schülerinnnen hatte die Idee, damit einen Flusslauf mit hineinragenden Bäumen an seinem Ufer zu gestalten.

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The Master School of Aquarium Design 2018

“Wow – that’s beautiful“. This how people typically react upon seeing a lovingly created aquarium landscape. Whether an aquascape, biotope or community aquarium - creativity knows no bounds.

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The Master School of Aquarium Design: Join In!

A dream aquarium of your own design? Have you ever wanted to recreate a dream aquarium you’ve seen somewhere, but don’t know how? Do you sometimes wonder how famous scapers have set up the aquariums they display online?

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The world’s best aquascapers use JBL products

Although aquascaping is an art, any aquarium owner can set up an aquarium artistically.

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JBL ProScape Tools

The JBL ProScape tools meet the requirements of the professional aquascaping perfectly. They are produced from high-quality steel, made in Japan, (with an extremely smooth surface) for scissors with the best quality and the highest cutting precision.

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Outline: Fertilisation in the Aquarium

The JBL plant care concept leads to vigorous and healthy growth even with the most demanding aquatic plants. JBL has all the components you need, whether it’s a fertiliser, a bottom substrate or a fully automatic CO2 fertiliser system.

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Care products - The best solutions for your aquarium

With the right products, aquarium care is not only easy, but can also be a lot of fun! The formulas that make up JBL products are based on intensive research and, especially with care products, their effects are not always immediately visible, yet in the medium and long-term they’ll result in a beautiful aquarium and healthy fish.

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Event Report: Master School of Aquarium Design 2017

Aquatics is a hobby full of emotions, creativity and fun. Numerous competitions to set up aquariums in all kinds of styles have sprung up during the last few years. Whether locally or in the internet – competitions are a ten a penny.

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Social Escape – an aquarium slowly and relaxingly takes shape and is the antidote to burn out.

Social stands for online marketing and social media. Escape means a way out of our fast moving digital lives and a way into another world. A balancing haven of peace and relaxation.

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Plant care: How can water tests help?

Ideally water looks crystal-clear, yet pollutants are often invisible. That’s why clear water might still be toxic.

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How to scape an aquarium

This is where to find a quick start guide for the scaping of an aquarium. Using pictures we show you in easy steps how to create your own scape and make your aquarium a perfect ProScape. Clean the aquarium with . Never use household cleaners. Pile up lava granulate ( ) to create a stable foundation for the stones or wood to be placed on. The lava granulate prevents...

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What is so special about the care of a ProScape?

The maintenance measures for a “normal” aquarium consist of nothing more than a partial water change of about 30% every two weeks and cutting back the aquarium plants which have grown too long.

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Creating Dreamscapes under Water

Sooner or later every aquarist reaches the point where he wants more than "just" an aquarium with fish and plants. Perhaps he wants to simulate a landscape above water, such as a mountain range with woods or some special habitat (biotope), inside his aquarium.

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#HannoverScape2016 – Rankings

Last weekend the final of the aquarium design competition #HannoverScape2016 took place. Together with the organizer of the event we now would like to present the final placements.

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ProScape „Sulawesi Cliffs” by Jessica Runde

We asked some Proscapers to present their work to our community, which means you. Jessica Runde created a model aquarium at home several months ago and recorded its setting-up and development with JBL ProScape in videos and photos.

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Oxygen Explosion in the Aquarium – The Right Fertilisation

Every evening my aquarium resembles a “whirlpool“ with a thousand little oxygen bubbles. This is the time I relax and wind down after a long day.

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ProScape: „Escarpment“ – an endorser Aquascape report

We asked some Proscapers to present their work to our community, which means you. Phillip Tauchmann created a model aquarium at home several months ago and recorded its setting-up and development with JBL ProScape in videos and photos.

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How to create a ProScape - The making of „Scaping Four“

From the idea to the finished layout it needs some planning. What materials do I need and where do I get them? This is assuming you have already decided on a style.

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Scaping Four - Aquascaping Livestream-Event

In Wien treffen sich vier bekannte ProScaper und Sie können live am PC oder Smartphone via Livestream dabei zusehen.

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Laboratori e calcolatori

Laboratorio online per l’analisi dell’acqua

Inserisci i tuoi valori dell’acqua per ottenere, entro pochi secondi, un’approfondita analisi. Tu inserisci i tuoi valori dell’acqua e noi li analizziamo! Qui hai la possibilità di inserire direttamente i valori dell’acqua da te misurati nel Laboratorio online, che li analizzerà, te li spiegherà e ti proporrà eventuali interventi che ti possano aiutare d’aiuto.
Manuali (area tematica)

Lotta contro le alghe

Così combatti le alghe in maniera duratura ed efficace.

Cambio dell'acqua

La più importante misura di manutenzione: il cambio parziale dell'acqua. Come esegui correttamente un cambio parziale dell'acqua?


Un acquario dà meno lavoro che qualsiasi animale domestico. Ti spieghiamo come può funzionare a regola d'arte!

Cura delle piante

Di quale manutenzione necessitano le tue piante d'acquario?

Cura quotidiana

Cosa comporta la manutenzione giornaliera o settimanale? Quali sono le misure di manutenzione elementari per il tuo acquario?

Utensili utili

Quali strumenti e utensili ti facilitano la manutenzione dell'acquario? Cosa è veramente necessario?

Cura delle piante

Di quali cure necessitano le tue piante d'acquario?


Perché vanno concimate le piante dell'acquario?

Specie di piante

Quali specie di piante si adattano al tuo acquario? Quali sono le esigenze delle singole specie?


Quali piante risultano ideali per il tuo acquario? Come si inseriscono correttamente?

L'acquario marino

Passa le tue vacanze sulla barriera corallina nel salotto! Un acquario marino è la forma più avvincente dell'acquariofilia.

Acquari tipo biotopo (habitat)

Un vero pezzo dell'Amazzonia o del Congo direttamente dal cuore dell'Africa? Un acquario tipo habitat (biotopo) costituisce una sfida. Sei capace di copiare la natura?

Acquario tipo aquascape JBL Dreamscape®

Montagne, valli, prati e pesci! Costruisciti il tuo paesaggio da sogno sott'acqua nell'acquario Dreamscape®

Acquario tipo giungla JBL Rio Pantanal®

Un tratto di fiume nella giungla nel tuo soggiorno. Vita vivace subacquea! Nessun problema con l'acquario JBL Rio Pantanal®

Acquario tipo scogliera JBL Malawi Rocks®

I pesci del lago Malawi sono colorati quanto quelli delle barriere coralline. Questo acquario porterà un po’ di barriera corallina d’acqua dolce nel tuo salotto

Acquario tipo "pesci rossi" JBL Goldfish Paradise®

Pesci rossi vispi arricchiscono perfettamente ogni stanza. Con un acquario per pesci rossi puoi portare questi nuovi inquilini a casa tua.

Ulteriori informazioni sui prodotti e download

  • JBL ProScape Cleaning Glove ProScape oam Magazin 2014 09

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Recensioni clienti


Valutazione complessiva: 4.8
38 valutazione pubblica di questo prodotto.

2 Recensioni


Spettacolare nella sua semplicità e utilità. Ho 5 acquari e lo uso regolarmente per pulire le uscite dei filtri, lo skimmer e tutti gli angoli con una semplicità unica.


Molto Comodo! Pulisce bene in maniera rapida e precisa, grazie all'attrezzo migliore in assoluto: la mano!

25 mostrare ulteriori valutazioni in altre lingue

25 Recensioni in altre lingue

M. Vauthrin - Francese

Révolution pour moi ! J'utilisais une brosse à dents pour nettoyer comme je pouvais. Mais là ça y est plus de soucis, le gant permet de tout nettoyer et facilement ! Je l'utilise sur tous les accessoires, les pierres, la vitre et les angles. Je le recommande vivement !

F. Delhaye - Francese

Une très belle découverte ce gant !!! Très pratique pour nettoyer les accessoires et les recoins des aquariums...

Aquascape.boutique - Olandese

From a health and safety perspective this product it great! As maintenance is such a big part of the aquaria hobby. Personally I like to be in touch with the hobby. Meaning I like to work with my bare hands. I do know that many within the community feel the same way as it touches the same base as with gardening. Haven’t seen this product on the market much, it might have potential for those that give preference to hygiene.

G.E.P.P. - Francese

JBL Proscape Cleaning Glove est idéal pour nettoyer le décor, les roches ou certaine plantes. Il devient vite indispensable.

@JBL , on réclame une version gant de nettoyage imperméable avec la manche pour éviter de se mouiller, c'est possible ? ;)

Carl, G.E.P.P.

_aqua4you_ - Alemanno

Super geeignet um nicht nur Ebene Flächen zu reinigen! Sogar Steine und Wurzeln lassen sich damit gut reinigen.

M. Heister - Alemanno

Bei der Reinigung wird Hand angelegt!

Ein Musthave bei der Aquarien Reinigung. Man kommt damit bequem in jede Ecke, selbst da wo es wenig Platz gibt. Für alles andere gibt es die Sandflattener+WishWash-Methode. Durch die Struktur kann man auch sehr gut hartnäckige Algen wie Punktalgen auf der Scheibe gut entfernen.

Einziges Manko ist die OneSize-Größe. Darum gibt es auch einen Puntk Abzug, hier würde ich mir 3 unterschiedliche Größen wünschen. Denn wenn der Handschuh zu groß ist kommt man z.B. in Bodengrundnähe nicht gut an die Scheibe ohne die Überstehende Spitze durch den Bodengrund zu ziehen und damit alles aufzuwirbeln.

scapes_and_more - Alemanno

Wenn man mal wieder vor lauter Hardscape nicht an die Scheibe kommt ist dieser Handschuh einfach perfekt! :)

GarnelenTV - Alemanno

Super Produkt - Klare Empfehlung

shrimpscapes_ - Alemanno

Super Produkt! Gerade in viel bepflanzten Becken kommt man mit der Hand besser in manche Ecken als mit einem Schwamm.

Aquariuana - Alemanno

Super hilfreich um auch Bereiche zu erreichen die vom Hardscape sehr eingeengt sind :)

Tipp: auch gut um Hardscape schnell zu reinigen

Malawi-Cichliden-Portal - Alemanno

Ein sehr nützliches Produkt, man kommt in jede Ecke und selbst hartnäckige Algen und Schmutz haben keine Chance. Einfacher kann ich keine Aquarienscheibe reinigen, tolles Produkt.

Sehr zu Empfehlen.


Thomas_aquascapingcz - Ceca

Úžasný produkt, ale kvůli nemožnosti výběru různých velikostí musím dát 4 hvězdičky, protože rukavice jsou mi malé

M. Kaltschmitt - Alemanno

Von mir gibt es für den Handschuhe 5 Sterne habe lange eine Lösung gesucht für die Runden Ecken meiner nanocubes und hier haben wir die Master Lösung.

LG ossiaquaristik

Aquarium_Zimmer - Alemanno

Der Handschuh ist ein klasse Tool zum Reinigen von unebenen oder schwer zugänglich Flächen.

Timo Wünsche - Alemanno

Mit eines meiner Lieblingsutensilien beim Aquariumreinigen!

Nicht nur die Scheiben krieg ich damit sauber, sondern auch feinere Teile, wie CO2-Diffusoren oder Wurzeln.

Ich habe mittlerweile zwei davon!

dr_scaper - Polacco

I use it first time in my life ! This is cool!! Smart and rady!

Phils_waterplants - Alemanno

Sehr nützlich, man kommt damit selbst in die hinterste Ecke. Selbst hartnäckige Punktalgen haben keine Chance. Klare Empfehlung.

Ragnarshrimps - Francese

Gant efficace, ne raye pas,

Prise en main rapide et facile d'utilisation

Aquamahh - Francese

I find this product really great, it makes the maintenance really easy and fast

nemophilist_scaper - Inglese

Great idea! You can clean your aquarium glass in order to remove the algae, FAST & EASY! I have got an ADA 60P tank with crystal clear glass and I can use this product without the fear of scratching it..

. 10/10!🙌🏻

_mister_krabss_ - Alemanno

Ein super Handschuh, was ich sehr zu loben finde das er selbst im Salzwasser verwendbar ist trotz der Angst vor Rost.

Wenn man ihn aber anständig auswäscht so wie beschrieben stellt es keinerlei Probleme dar 👍🏻

100% Kauf Empfehlung

langlang_shrimps langlang_design - Alemanno

Eine sehr coole Idee und ein tolles Produkt mit dem es auch viel Spaß macht zu arbeiten. Die meiste Zeit verwende ich trotzdem die Magnet Scheibenreiniger, um nicht immer mit der Hand ins Aquarium greifen zu müssen. Allerdings kommt man mit dem Handschuh auch an Stellen, an die man mit den Magneten nicht kommt und man kann die Scheiben viel genauer reinigen.

aquascaping.tv - Alemanno

Świetna pomoc w walce z glonami. Dochodzi do każdego zakamarka w akwarium.


Perfect clean and shiny glass inside your tank when using this product ! You can even reach spots with your fingers easily and wash places where all dirt is. Great stuff !

aquaristik.connor - Alemanno

Das Produkt benutzte ich regelmäßig, bin echt damit zufrieden. Über dem Preis lässt sich streiten. Aber bin im großen und ganzen empfehlenswert 😁

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